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    Meeting with the "Living Shadow"


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    Meeting with the "Living Shadow" Empty Meeting with the "Living Shadow"

    Post  shadowinger on Mon Jun 04, 2012 4:18 pm

    Benjamin Breeg and Janice standing in front of Mr. Breeg's desk.
    Ms. Stevens has yet another manilla folder open with details of a SCT roster member and Mr.Breeg and ms. Stevens are obviously looking at papers that are contained in the folder.

    Benjamin Breeg: Well Ms.Stevens I think this could be an interesting meeting. Don't you just love this feeling.

    Janice Stevens: I totally agree sir.
    I think the SCT fans will love it as well, it's so twisted Sir.

    Benjamin Breeg: There you go Ms. Stevens on the secruity camera our next guest approaches.

    Suddenly there's a knock on the door.

    Benjamin Breeg: Yes. you may enter!

    Both Shadowinger, Michael Lowe & Vanessa Canes enter the New SCT President's Office.

    Shadowinger: You summoned us.

    Janice Stevens: Drop the attitude "Living Shadow" when you speak to your new SCT President.

    Vanessa Canes: Shadowinger do you want me to this so called lady some lessons with my fists. (Shadowinger puts his arm in front of Vanessa to hold her back).

    Benjamin Bregg: She's a feisty one Ms. Stevens. I like her already!

    Shadowinger: You maybe the New President but don't try any of your cute words with Vanessa!

    Benjamin Bregg: You certainly are the protective one aren't you Shadowinger!

    Shadowinger: Don't push me! Just cut to the chase of why were here.

    Janice Stevens: Well looks like you don't know how to respect your new Boss very well Shadowinger.

    Shadowinger: Know this little lady, you're just a pawn in your Boss's game I would imagine. And trust me this "Living Shadow" pushes back, hard. You will learn to FEAR ME!!!!!

    Benjamin Breeg: That's enough of that Shadowinger. You want to cut to the chase. Well let's do that then. Hope your listening this is where things get interesting. Your friend and tag team partner Michael Lowe is band from ringside for any of your matches.

    Michael Lowe: What the heck are you talking about!!!

    Benjamin Bregg: Calm down there. I'm not finished yet. Shadowinger by the time the next PPV comes around you match will be to keep your Girlfriend & Manager Vanessa Canes. You win, nothing changes, You lose then Vanessa Canes become my Personal Secretary.

    Shadowinger: Why you son of ***** You can't do this!!!

    Benjamin Breeg: O' but I can Shadowinger. And the sting in the tail. All these weeks you've been wondering who the mysterious attacker was. Well it's a familiar face, who's already got a edge over and a victory. Let me introduce him to you "Living Shadow"!!!

    The New SCT President's Office door opens and standing in the doorway is Superfamous. (Superfamous is flanked by SCT secruity)

    Superfamous: Time to play Shadowinger!!!

    Shadowinger tries to run towards Superfamous but is blocked by the SCT secruity.

    Shadowinger: Benjamin you will pay for this. I will take my fury out on Superfamous and when I've destroyed him then trust me my vengeance will consume you.

    Benjamin Breeg: Secruity escort these fools from my Office. O' and Vanessa see you soon.

    Superfamous: See you soon fool.

    Shadowinger, Michael Lowe & Vanessa Canes are escorted out if the Office

    Janice Stevens: Well Sir I think that went rather well.

    Benjamin Breeg: Yes Ms. Stevens I think your right. Superfamous you know your job don't let me down.

    Superfamous: You are so full of ****

    Janice Stevens: Watch your tongue Superfamous. And listen to your Boss and do your job that your were paid to do. Now leave!!!

    Superfamous slams the door behind him.

    Benjaim Breeg: So Ms. Stevens who's next on our list.

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