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    Dark Horse and "Living Shadow" clash


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    Dark Horse and "Living Shadow" clash Empty Dark Horse and "Living Shadow" clash

    Post  shadowinger on Tue Jun 12, 2012 3:54 am

    Dark Horse is making his way toward his locker room when he runs smack dab into Shadowinger, Vanessa Canes, and Michael Lowe. He snares at Shadowinger waiting for him to step aside, Shadowinger does the same, neither man wants to budge. Dark Horse takes one step forward and goes nose to nose with the living Shadow.

    Lowe: Really doesn't need to be a problem here pal.

    Dark Horse and Shadowinger do not break their staredown. Vanessa tries to push them apart but neither man will budge. She looks from Shadow to Dark trying to read their next moves.

    Vanessa: You're all wrapped up with, Superfamous; and you, you've got problem with, Ramok thanks to the new President. I don't think either of you have time for this. Besides like Michael said, there doesn't need to be a problem.

    Dark Horse eyes Michael Lowe to check his position and then looks back at Shadowinger.

    Dark Horse: There's already a problem: We met, problem started.

    Shadowinger: Well Dark Horse I'm happy to be your problem. I respect you as a great wrestler but that doeen't mean that I've to like you.

    Dark Horse: The feeling is mutual Shadowinger. Let's say once we get our baggage out of the way with Ramok and Superfamous. Let's see who is the better man and better wrestler next season. So what do you say Shadowinger?

    Shadowinger: I accept your challenge Dark Horse. Let's give the SCT fans a great match up. I look forward to being your problem next season. Please stay healthy after your run in with Ramok. As I don't want any excuses when I get the 1-2-3.

    Dark Horse: Strong words "Living Shadow" I wouldn't of expected any less but be ready to be taught a wrestling lesson.

    Dark Horse then turns around and walks away from Shadowinger, Michael Lowe and Vanessa Canes. The SCT fans can be heard cheering for the SCT Arena in anticipation of the match for next season.

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