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    For next Season: Meeting with Baron Bob Brabenhurst


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    For next Season: Meeting with Baron Bob Brabenhurst Empty For next Season: Meeting with Baron Bob Brabenhurst

    Post  Wicker on Wed May 09, 2012 5:15 am

    SCT President Benjamin Breeg and his assistant Janice Stevens are the office.

    Suddenly there is knock on the door.

    Benjamin Breeg: "Yes ... come in!!"

    The door is opened and Baron Bob Brabenhurst walks in.

    Benjamin Breeg: "OK .. thank you for coming. Sit down please."

    Bob Brabenhurst sits down on a chair.

    Benjamin Breeg: "You name?"

    No answer from Bob Brabenhurst.

    Benjamin Breeg looks up a Bob.

    Benjamin Breeg: "You name please!!"

    No answer.

    Janice Stevens: "Mr. President, that is Baron Bob Brabenhurst."

    Benjamin Breeg: "And why did HE tell me his name?"

    Janice Stevens: "Bob Brabenhust doesn't speak. And if he speaks he speaks in miracles and nobody can understand what he means."

    Benjamin Breeg: "You are kiddingme!!"

    Janice Stevens: "No ... Mr. President. That's the truth!!"

    Benjamin Breeg looks at Bob Brabenhurst.

    Benjamin Breeg: "You don't speak??"

    Bob Brabenhurst shakes his head.

    Benjamin Breeg: "Why?"

    Bob Brabenhurst: "The kings and the queens..."

    Benjamin Breeg: "What??"

    Bob Brabenhurst: "The world is full of kings and queens who blind you eyes and steal your dreams."

    Benjamin Breeg looks at Janice Stevens.

    Benjamin Breeg: "What does he mean?"

    Janice Stevens: "As I told you a few seconds ago ... miracles."

    Benjamin Breeg: "But how shall I motivate him if he doesn't speak to me?"

    Bob Brabenhurst: "Whatever comes, I’ll take. I can’t brood, fume or fret. Let things happen somehow. Defeat shall not be mine!"

    Benjamin Breeg shakes his head.

    Benjamin Breeg: "I don't understand him!!"

    Janice Stevens: "I think he said that he will accept any challenge and that he will always win ... or something like that."

    Benjamin Breeg: "Could be. Anyway ... íf he doesn't speak with me that meeting doesn't make sense."

    Benjamin Breeg: "Bob, thank you for coming ... the meeting is over."

    Bob Brabenhurst nods, gets up from his chair and leaves the room.

    Benjamin Breeg shakes his head.

    Benjamin Breeg (speaking to himself): "There are indeed some strange guys around in this business."

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