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    For Next Season: Meeting with Wesley Brown


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    For Next Season: Meeting with Wesley Brown Empty For Next Season: Meeting with Wesley Brown

    Post  Wicker on Wed May 09, 2012 7:43 am

    One can see SCT President Benjamin Breeg and his assistant Janice Stevens in the office.

    Benjamin Breeg: "OK .. who is next, Ms Stevens?"

    Janice Stevens: "Wesley Brown."

    Benjamin Breeg: "Aha ... that is name I know. When will the meeting be?"

    Janice Stevens: "In 5 minutes."

    Suddenly the door is opened and Wesley Brown walks in.

    Wesley Brown: "MISTER PRESIDENT ... I am so happy to meet you. How are you? The board of directors made the perfect decision and .."

    Benjamin Breeg: "Hold on Mr. Brown ... hold on."

    Benjamin Breeg: "First of all, you are 5 minutes too early."

    Wesley Brown: "5 minutes too early is IN TIME, isn't it?"

    Benjamin Breeg: "Ms. Stevens told you 9 PM. Next time I expect you at the time which is arranged."

    Benjamin Breeg: "OK Mr President. I'm sorry. And now I want to congratulate you. The board of directors couldn't find somebody which is better than you and ..."

    Benjamin Breeg lifts his hand.

    Benjamin Breeg: "Mr. Brown, let me tell you something. I hate people which try to suck me up. Everybody ... even me ... knows that you are not that friendly guy you purport right now. You don't need to play these games with me. I know what you are all about. I heard enough about you."

    Wesley Brown: "That is not fair Mr. President. I only wanted to be friendly to you and I only wanted to say that it is good that these idiots of the so called Illuminati are history. That guy called Wildfire and my ungrateful daughter Tamara and .."

    Benjamin Breeg: "Aha ... these are the kind words I expected from you."

    Wesley Brown: "They cheated me ... as well as The Wicker Man and Dark Horse. They forced me to sign that contract which says that I may not manage anybody in this fed for a whole season. That was not fair and I want to ask you to declare this contract null."

    Benjamin Breeg: "I cannot do that. You signed that contract and your team lost. Now you have to live with the consequences."

    Wesley Brown: "ARRRRRRGGGGGHHH ... NO ... NO NO NO ... that is not fair!!"

    Benjamin Breeg (shouting): "Don't scream around in my office!!"

    Wesley Brown looks at Benjamin Breeg.

    Wesley Brown: "Mr. President ... this is not a warning, but only an advice. You should not want to have me as your enemy."

    Benjamin Breeg: "You are giving me advices ... you even have the guts to warn me?? Listen .. and listen carefully. I am the man in charge of this fed. I have the full power and if I want I can do with you what I want. I can even fire you. Do you understand that? And now ... LEAVE MY OFFICE. The meeting is over!!"

    Wesley Brown slowly gets up from his chair and looks at Benjamin Breeg.

    Wesley Brown: "I understand. But don't underestimate me!!"

    Wesley Brown turns around and leaves the room.

    Benjamin Breeg: "HA!! Now I'm feeling good!!"

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