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    For Next Season: Meeting With The Wicker Man


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    For Next Season: Meeting With The Wicker Man Empty For Next Season: Meeting With The Wicker Man

    Post  Wicker on Thu May 03, 2012 7:08 am

    One can see SCT President Banjamin Breeg and his secretary Janice Stevens in the office sitting at their desks.

    Benjamin Breeg: "OK Ms Stevens ... who is next?"

    Janice Stevens: "It is The Wick.."

    Suddenly there is knock on the door.

    Benjamin Breeg: "Come in!!"

    The door is opened and The Wicker Man accompanied by Wendy enter the room.

    Benjamin Breeg recognizes Wendy and immediately gets up from his chair without paying attention to The Wicker Man.

    Benjamin Breeg: "Ohhhhh ... who are you??? Nice to meet you!!"

    Benjamin Breeg looks at Wendy from head to toe and offers his hand.

    Wendy: "I am Wendy and this is The Wi..."

    Benjamin Breeg (interrupting Wendy): "Wendy!! I am pleased to meet you. Sit down!!"

    Wendy shakes Benjamin Breeg's hand and sits down.

    Benjamin Breeg: "Tell me ... where are you from?"

    Wendy: "I am from Dominican Republic."

    Benjamin Breeg: "Dominican Republic ... really. I've been there twice for business reasons. I must admit ... a great place to be."

    Benjamin Breeg: "How old are you?"

    Wendy: "26."

    Benjamin Breeg: "That is a great age, isn't it?"

    Wendy doesn't answer.

    Benjamin Breeg again sensually looks at Wendy.

    Benjamin Breeg: "So ... what is your function in SCT? Are you a wrestler?"

    Wendy: "No ... I don't have an official function in SCT. I am here with The Wic..."

    Benjamin Breeg (interrupting Wendy again): "WHAT??? You don't have an official function in SCT?? That must be changed. I would say we will have a nice dinner together and speak about which position would the right one for you."

    The Wicker Man: "EXCUSE ME!!"

    Benjamin Breeg for the first time looks at The Wicker Man.

    Benjamin Breeg: "Who are you? What do you want here?"

    Janice Stevens: "Mr. Breeg ... that is the wrestler you're having a meeting with right now."

    Benjamin Breeg: "Really? And who is this nice lady then?"

    Wendy: "The Wicker Man's girl friend!"

    Benjamin Breeg: "WHAT????"

    Benjamin Breeg angrily looks at The Wicker Man.

    Benjamin Breeg: "You are the boy friend of such a beautiful lady?"

    The Wicker Man: "I am ... and by the way, nobody else than ME will have dinner with her ... not even my new boss."

    Benjamin Breeg looks at The Wicker Man for several seconds.

    Benjamin Breeg: "Hmmmm ... I see. Well ... the meeting is over, but I'm gonna do another one with you. In that second meeting I want to hear from you what your plans in SCT are."

    The Wicker Man: "No problem."

    The Wicker Man and Wendy want to leave the room.

    Benjamin Breeg: "And Wendy ... I want to see you as well in the mentioned second meeting."

    Wendy and The Wicker Man leave the room.

    Benjamin Breeg: "I can't believe it. Such a beautiful woman is that guy's girlfriend."

    Benjamin Breeg shakes his head. Then he look at Janice Stevens who is still sitting at her desk.

    Benjamin Breeg: "Ms Stevens ... when will be the next meeting?"

    Janice Stevens: "In 20 minutes!!"

    Benjamin Breeg: "20 minutes ... hmmm. Ms. Stevens, please come over here to my desk ... I need you here."

    The cameras fade black.

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