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    For Next Season: Meeting with Twilight Storm


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    For Next Season: Meeting with Twilight Storm Empty For Next Season: Meeting with Twilight Storm

    Post  Wicker on Wed May 09, 2012 2:14 am

    One can see SCT President Banjamin Breeg and his assistant Janice Stevens in their office.

    Benjamin Breeg: "Ms. Stevens ... what is my next appointment?"

    Janice Stevens: "Let me see ... meeting with the reigning Master Of Terror Champion Twilight Storm."

    Benjamin Breeg: "Twilight Storm ... hmmm ... strange name. Anyway, when he is the reigning MOT Champion he seems to be a good wrestler."

    Janice Stevens: "SHE!!"

    Benjamin Breeg: "Excuse me?! What do you mean?"

    Janice Stevens: "Twilight Storm is a SHE ... not a HE."

    Benjamin Breeg: "What? The reigning MOT CHampion is a WOMAN??"

    Janice Stevens: "Exactly!!"

    Benjamin Breeg shakes his head.

    Benjamin Breeg: "Women should do other stuff than fighting."

    Janice Stevens: "For example?"

    Benjamin Breeg: "Forget it..."

    Suddenly there is a knock on the door.

    Benjamin Breeg: "Come in!!"

    The door is opened and Twilight Storm walks in wearing her wrestling clothes.

    Benjamin Breeg looks at Twilight Storm from head to toe without saying a word.

    Twilight Storm (sarcastic): "Mr. President ... tt is also nice for me to meet you."

    Benjamin Breeg: "Oh ... I'm sorry .. where are my good manners. Please sit down."

    Twilight Storm sits down on a chair.

    Benjamin Breeg looks at Twilight Storm.

    Twilight Storm: "You asked me to visit you. May I ask you why."

    Benjamin Breeg: "Oh, of course ... ehhh ..."

    Benjamin Breeg can't keep his eyes away from Twilight Storm.

    Benjamin Breeg: "I just heard that you are the reigning MOT Champion."

    Twilight Storm: "That's right."

    Benjamin Breeg: "Tell me ... how can such a beautiful woman do this job? I mean, wrestling can be pretty brutal."

    Twilight Storm: "I can also be brutal if it is necessary."

    Benjamin Breeg: "Sorry, I'm still a bit confused. I didn't expect that women compete in this business."

    Twilight Storm: "Mr. President .."

    Benjamin Breeg: ".. Benjamin for you. Pretty women can call me Benjamin."

    Twilight Storm starts smiling.

    Twilight Storm: "Mr. President, with all do respect, can you please tell me why I should visit you? What do you want?"

    Benjamin Breeg: "What I want? Maybe I should tell you that in a bit more private environment."

    Twilight Storm: "Correct me if I wrong, are you flirting with me?"

    Benjamin Breeg: "Would you like it?"

    Benjamin Breeg gives Twilight Storm a wink.

    Twilight Storm gets up from the chair and looks at Benjamin Breeg.

    Twilight Storm: "Listen .. MR. PRESIDENT ... you may be my new boss, but between you and me there will only be a business relationship. Nothing more!!"

    Benjamin Breeg: "What a pity!!"

    Benjamin Breeg: "Well ... then back to business. You will defend your title tonight. I will not announce your opponent .. it will be a surprise."

    Twilight Storm: "No problem. Are we through with the meeting?"

    Benjamin Breeg: "Yes we are."

    Twilight Storm: "OK ... see you."

    Twilight Storm wants to leave the office.

    Benjamin Breeg: "Hey Twilight ... think about a private meeting with me ... it could have very positive consequences for you."

    Twilight Storm shakes her head and leaves the room.

    Benjamin Breeg (speaking to himself): "She will change her mind ... she MUST change her mind!!"

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