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    For Next Season: Meeting with SteelGunz


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    For Next Season: Meeting with SteelGunz Empty For Next Season: Meeting with SteelGunz

    Post  Wicker on Wed May 09, 2012 3:05 am

    SCT President Benjamin Breeg and his assistant Janice Stevens are the office.

    Janice Stevens: "Mr. Breeg, your next meeting will start in a few minutes."

    Benjamin Breeg: "OK ... who will I meet?"

    Janice Stevens: "SteeleGunz."

    Benjamin Breeg: "How can somebody call himself STEELEGUNZ!!"

    Benjamin Breeg shakes his head.

    Janice Stevens: "SteelGunz is a team, not a single wrestler. The team constist of Tommy Gunz and Ryan Steele."

    Benjamin Breeg: "Ah ... I see."

    Suddenly the door is opened and Tommy Gunz and Ryan Steele enter the room. Right behind them one can see Jannifer.

    Benjamin Breeg: "HEY ... Next time you should knock on the door before entering my offffff ..."

    Then Benjamin Breeg spots Jennifer.

    Benjamin Breeg: "OH MY GOD!!!"

    Jennifer steps forward.

    Jennifer: "Hello Mr. President."

    Jennifer: "Yeah ... they are impressive, arent' they?"

    Jennifer fondles both Tommy Gunz's and Ryan Steele's chest.

    Jennifer: "Take a look at these muscles. Aren't they impressive?"

    Benjamin Breeg doesn't look at Tommy and Ryan, but only at Jennifer.

    Benjamin Breeg: "Indeed ... VERY impressive. I can see an angle."

    Jennifer starts smiling and steps towards Benjamin Breeg.

    Jennifer: "Was that a compliment for me?"

    Benjamin Breeg just nods and stares at Jennifer.

    Jennifer: "Well ... thank you for that!!"

    Benjamin Breeg: "Is one of these guys your boy friend?"

    Jennifer: "Both of them are my boy friends!!"

    Benjamin Breeg: "What I meant is ... lover!!"

    Jennifer: "Call it how you want. As I mentioned ... BOTH of them."

    Benjamin Breeg: "WHAT? I mean ... both of them ... are ... your..."

    Jennifer nods.

    Jennifer: "I am a modern woman."

    Benjamin Breeg (smiling): "I see!!"

    Benjamin Breeg: "Maybe we should discuss that later ... after the show."

    Jennifer: "Sure ... why not?!?!"

    Benjamin Breeg: "You accept??? Only you and me?"

    Jennifer: "If you want."

    Benjamin Breeg: "I WANT!!!"

    Jennifer bends down and puts her elbows on Benjamin Breeg's desk. Benjamin Breeg takes a deep look into Jennifer's cleavage.

    Jennifer: "Mr. Presideeeeeeeent ... may I ask you a question?"

    Benjamin Breeg (still only looking at Jennifer's cleavage): "Every question you want!!"

    Benjamin Breeg: "Would you give Tommy Gunz a shot at the MOT Championship???"

    Benjamin Breeg (still only looking at Jennifer's cleavage): "Done ... tonight!!"

    Jennifer starts smiling and bends up.

    Jennifer: "Thank you Mr. President. I think the board of directors has installed the perfect person as new SCT President."

    Jennifer: "C'mon guys ... let's go."

    Benjamin Breeg: "Hey ... wait. What is your name and when will be our private meeting?"

    Jennifer: "My name is Jennifer and I will let you know about the meeting."

    Benjamin Breeg (speaking to himself): "Oh my god ... she is indeed an angle!!"

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