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    Proposition For Wesley II

    dark horse
    dark horse

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    Proposition For Wesley II Empty Proposition For Wesley II

    Post  dark horse on Tue Apr 24, 2012 8:37 pm

    Wesley Brown is in the ring looking very upset. He stops abruptly and looks up at the ramp.

    Wesley Brown: Earlier tonight I'm backstage getting last week's winners, the Protectors of Terror, ready for their match tonight versus the Loser, Dark Horse and The Wicker Man. I hear Wicker say they are going to win. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

    He walks around the ring two times before stopping and glaring at a few fans.

    Wesley Brown: Last week the SCT protectors put an end to your lucky win. They showed the world that I am the greatest manager in all of sports entertainment. Dark Horse, Gold could have been yours. Wicker... I don't like you and I won't pretend to. In fact, let's make tonight's match interesting. After MY SCT Protectors win, you two will have to admit that I am the GREATEST manager Wrestling has ever seen. If by some chance you to happen to get lucky again... I'll admit you're pretty good. Okish anyway. So what do you losers say?

    The Titan Tron goes on and we see Tamara sitting at her desk smiling.

    Tamara: I love that idea. Dark Horse and The Wicker Man admitting that you are the greatest manager in all of Wrestling. It is freakin Genius!

    Wesley Brown: Why thank you.

    Tamara: Glad I thought of it. That's real good.

    A Dumbfounded Wesley Brown stands gaping at the Tron and Tamara. She congratulates herself and ignores him for a good minute and then turns her attention back to him.

    Tamara: But it won't be tonight. Instead I am going to make the Pay Per view event very interesting. If your SCT Protectors win it will be as you say. Dark Horse AND the Wicker Man will have to admit that you are the GREATEST manager in all of Wrestling.

    Tamara pauses and thinks for a minute and starts laughing. She claps congratulating herself again.

    Tamara: I have an even better idea. If your team wins, they will not only have to admit you're the greatest manager in all of WRESTLING; they will also have to admit that they are LOSERS.

    The crowd reacts ad Wesley Brown is in the ring celebrating and clapping in agreement. Tamara holds out her hands to quiet things down. She glares at Wesley Brown.

    Tamara: But if your team loses... SCT protectors will be dismantled.

    Wesley Brown is in shock. The crowd starts cheering loudly. Tamara holds up her hands for silence.

    Tamara: Not only will Those two be disbanded, but because I don't like you too too much... If your team loses, you also cannot manage any team for ONE FULL SEASON.

    A sickened Wesley Brown starts shaking his head trying to refuse. Tamara is clapping madly when the Tron fades out.

    Janet Harper: Ouch! That brought the rant to an end.

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    Proposition For Wesley II Empty Re: Proposition For Wesley II

    Post  Wicker on Wed Apr 25, 2012 1:24 am


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