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    Proposition For Wesley

    dark horse
    dark horse

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    Proposition For Wesley Empty Proposition For Wesley

    Post  dark horse on Tue Apr 24, 2012 8:14 pm

    An animated Dark Horse and Wicker Man are having a heated conversation and walking in the backstage area. Charleen nearly runs into them. They stop arguing when they see her. Dark Horse shakes his head and is about to walk away but the Wicker Man grabs him and holds him in place.

    Charleen: Dark Horse.

    Dark Horse: Charleen.

    They stand looking at each other with the Wicker Man in the middle of them looking awkward.

    Dark Horse: So, how is the old blowhard these days?

    Charleen: WILDFIRE is just fine. Thanks for asking. How is life with the SCT protectors these days?

    They exchange glares, The Wicker Man clears his throat.

    The Wicker Man: You can both throw darts at each other, I can see that. Is there something you wanted Charleen?

    Charleen: As a matter of fact I wanted to know what happened last week. You two seemed like you were in control of things in the first match against Bob and Gigantus. Last week they came out fired up and got a win; any comments?

    The Wicker Man: They got lucky.

    The Wicker Man turns away in disgust and Dark Horse grabs the mic and is about to say something. Wicker turns around and quickly grabs the Mic back.

    The Wicker Man: I would like to see them win again. This week we are going out there to tear them a new one. They don't have a chance to win, no chance at all. Last week... well... There is no way they are going to win again; do you hear me?

    Both Dark Horse and Charleen are shocked by The Wicker man's words. She takes the Mic slowly from his hands.

    Charleen: I can see there is some bad influence. I wonder where it's coming from?

    She glares at Dark Horse, he grins at her and sticks a thumb up; she then looks back at The Wicker Man who also grins and sticks a thumb up.

    Charleen: What's the game plan tonight?

    Dark Horse takes the Mic and is about to speak when the Wicker Man grabs it from him again.

    The Wicker Man: Tonight we're going out there to wipe the floor with "Baron" Brockwurst and Gigantus. After we're done with them tonight they'll be lucky if they could... They be lucky to... They'll be lucky if they could make pepperoni out of Brockwurst. We win, that's the only game plan. The Wicker Man, Dark Horse are the winners here tonight. And we'll do it again next week We will win both matches.

    She takes the mic from him.

    Charleen: Bold statement we'll...

    She see Dark Horse looking at The Wicker Man and is looking from one to the next. The Wicker Man sees her and looks at Dark Horse.

    Dark Horse: Dude, it's Dark Horse and The Wicker Man; little w.

    The Wicker Man: No, no, I got it right. It's The Wicker Man and Dark Horse; Big W.

    Dark Horse: It's Dark Horse and The Wicker Man. Dark Horse always comes first. See it's...

    The Wicker Man: I'll have to ask Nilda if that's true.

    Charleen almost falls over laughing.

    Dark Horse:: Hey! You know what I mean! You know what let's go, forget you. And you, stop laughing.

    They leave Charleen laughing as the Camera fades out.

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    Proposition For Wesley Empty Re: Proposition For Wesley

    Post  Wicker on Wed Apr 25, 2012 1:22 am

    ADDED ... thx

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