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    Post  shadowinger on Tue Nov 29, 2011 3:09 am

    Gigantus pulls up in the Parking lot in his car. Gigantus steps out of his car to be blindsided with a chair shot to his back then his head. Gigantus falls to the ground in pain. Shadowinger steps out from behind the concrete pillar.

    Shadowinger: That's for hitting with a metal pipe and harassing Vanessa. You may be a Giant but there is many ways you can take down a Giant. At Ground Zero you get your re-match against me for the Master of Terror Title. I will make you suffer more when you get in the ring. You've had your shots at me too many times and SCT's 'Living Shadow' is ready to pay you back for all those times. This was just a taster of what is to come when I get my hands on you in the ring at Ground Zero.

    Vanessa Canes: Your little group make think your running the show in SCT but your very much mistaken. Let's just say we've made a few allies over the last few weeks. I think my boyfriend here can intorduce them to you.

    From the back of the Parking lot two figures appear. The Wicker Man and Superfamous. Gigantus pulls himself up and leans against the car still stunned for the steel chair shot.

    Shadowinger: Well Gigantus I like you to meet my new friends. I'm sure you know them. So you can send a message to your boss Wesley Brown and your buddies Dark Horse, Baron Bob Brabenhurst and the lovely Nilda. That we are taking back control of SCT from them. So Gigantus what's your answer, you gonna tell them or do you want to feel more pain.

    Gigantus: Ok Ok. I get the message. I'll relay the message to them. But I'm still gonna take your Master of Terror Title at Ground Zero, fool!!!

    Vanessa Canes: He never learns does he babe! (Vanessa picks up the steel chair and hits Gigantus who reels in pain). That's for last week and can tell Nilda if she wants to face me in the ring, I'm ready & waiting for her.

    Shadowinger: You heard the lady. As for me and you. It's time for the Giant to be cut down to size.

    Shadowinger throws the steel chair on the Parking Lot floor and walks away with Vanessa Canes, Superfamous & The Wicker Man while Gigantus tries to pick himself up after the attack by Shadowinger.

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