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    Project Mayhem Tag Title Match Promo

    cr massacre

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    Project Mayhem Tag Title Match Promo Empty Project Mayhem Tag Title Match Promo

    Post  cr massacre on Tue Nov 22, 2011 2:41 pm

    The team Project Mayhem, comprised of Cornelius Rupert Massacre and Michael Lowe, make their way down the isle, headed straight for the hallowed Squared Circle of Terror ring, to the belligerent deluge of boos and jeers directed at the SCT Tag Team champions. The music continues to blare over the PA system here in this huge arena filled with the rambunctious SCT fans excited with the anticipation of the upcoming tag team title match.

    Cornelius and Michael make their way into the ring after retrieving a microphone from the ringside announce table. Lowe and Rupert step to the middle of the ring, apparently with something to say...

    That's right! I am Cornelius Rupert "MaSSacre", this is Michael Lowe, and we are Project Mayhem!! So with that said, what I would like to have right now, is for all of you low life zombies to shut the hell up because I have something to say before Michael and I defend our titles tonight. Now close your stupid faces while a superior indivdual speaks his mind!

    The crowd jumps in on que with a thunderous boom of hate fueled screaming boos, and Project Mayhem stand and laugh as they soak in the heat...

    Announcer 1:
    This guy is a jerk!

    Announcer 2:
    Hey, now-a-day's you gotta demand respect, and take it! I think he's well within his rights to ask for a little respect from these fans.. I mean after all, they are the reigning SCT Tag champs!

    Now, as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted... Tonight we will be defending our belts against an inconsequential team of opponents. But the underlying theme of the night is the fact that all of you will have the privilege of viewing the greatness of Project Mayhem performing in this very ring. In times like these, and opportunity to be adorned with such pleasure is all to rare, and should be appreciated as such. We are the best damn thing going here in the SCT tag division, and each of you morons out there know it!

    The house erupts with the chant... "YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK!"

    Thank you, thank you very much... You know, since C.R. Massacre has teamed with Michael Lowe, I have seen Michael transform before my eyes. I have explained to him that trying to please everyone else and do what they think one should do, is just downright ridiculous. I have convinced him that the best way to get what you want, the fast track to success, is the not give a crap about anyone or anything but yourself! Just like I would teach my children, if I were stupid enough to be a father!

    Announcer 1:

    Announcer 2:
    Ha ha ha!

    Now the crowd is enraged with the comments of C.R. "Massacre", and Cornelius just smirks knowing that he has gotten a rise from the people...

    There is not a doubt in my mind that Project Mayhem will be holding these tag team belts for quite a while, no matter the opponent, stipulation, or situation. So your all going to have to just get used to it. Buy your tickets, purchase your Project Mayhem apparel, and pay your respect as the greatest tag team in the world today proceeds to entertain and amaze you idiots!

    Cornelius Rupert Massacre chucks the mic out of the ring over his back shoulder as he and Michael prepare for their upcoming match here at this fantastic Pay Per View event!!!

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    Project Mayhem Tag Title Match Promo Empty Re: Project Mayhem Tag Title Match Promo

    Post  Wicker on Wed Nov 23, 2011 4:38 am

    Suddenly Tamara appears on the stage.

    Tamara: "Marking word indeed ... Project Mayhem!!"

    Tamara: "The greatest Tag Team ... inconsequential team of opponents. Indeed marking words."

    Tamara: "Well, the team you will defend your titles against tonight may be everything, but not inconsequential."

    Tamara: "It will be a team of 2 members of The Illuminati..."

    Tamara: "And here they are ... Bigjobs and Twilight Storm!!"

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