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    Post  WildFire on Mon Nov 21, 2011 1:33 pm

    Continued from November 15th show:

    The Illuminati have just conferred for the first show of the season, having finished their main business the rest of the Illuminati have left, leaving Tamara, WildFire and Soho Sixx behind to discuss further business. WildFire waits to make sure the others are gone and then summons AVA.

    AVA : "So what's up Boss?"

    WildFire (looking stern and angry pauses to collect his thoughts) : "AVA you are NOT to see DARK HORSE anymore, do you understand."

    AVA :"What, no, you said ..."

    WildFire :"You're business with him is done for now, you will have nothing more to do with him."

    AVA :"NO!"

    WildFire frowns :"No?"

    AVA (snarling) :"You will not take him away from me, you promised ..."

    WildFire :"I promised what?? Hmm ? That you could keep him when this was all said and done?? That you were going to fall in love, buy a house with a white picket fence, have 2.5 kids and live happily ever after? Rediculous."

    WildFire : "For one thing YOU CAN"T have KIDS, another that's a HUMAN dream, and you're not EVEN HUMAN are you??"

    AVA snarls with rage :"How dare you!! How dare you!! You promised!"

    WildFire :"Ava, you are not HUMAN, you can't Love, feel sad, get mad, none of those things, YOU are just a 4th dimensional construct. MY FAMILAR! Anything you think you want, or feel or need, is because I ALLOW you to!!"

    AVA looking petulant :"It's not fair, you promised ..."

    WildFire :"I did not. I promised you freedom for a time. I promised that IF you behaved yourself, you would be let out to play. That you would be let out of that deep dark hole I left you in and allowed to walk in the light of day. Or would you prefer I put you back and leave you there?"

    AVA turns ashen white with fear and starts to shake uncontrollably : "No please , anything but that, I'll be good I promise, please don't .."

    WildFire :"Fine, then you will see Dark Horse no longer, do you understand?"

    AVA :"But ..."

    WildFire :"Or back in the box you go, beyond the sunlight and human realms, cast in darkness and shadow,where you belong."

    AVA reluctantly :"Agreed."

    WildFire :"Fine. You now are one of us, the Illuminati, you will answer to myself, Soho Sixx and Tamara."

    AVA angry :"So now I am a dog on a leash?"

    WildFire :"Perhaps, perhaps not, but you will serve your masters well, ESPECIALLY Tamara."

    AVA :"So this is REVENGE for what I did to you and her Sister?"

    WildFire :"Hmm, I don't ... your lucky I ever let you out of the box ever again after that... espcially after you terrorized her and made sport of her."

    AVA :"You talk about forgiveness and mercy and compassion, where's mine?"

    WildFire snarls :"You beat her so bad, she misscarriaged, she will never be able to have children! You are a murdering Psychopath! I should lock you up forever in the deepest darkest part of Hell and forget you ever existed!! And you ask for mercy! You killed a child and then you come in here constantly rubbing it in her face and bullying her? Forgiveness and mercy are given to those who deserve it, who ask for it and try to make ammends for their past, but what have you done? Nothing. So there will be no forgiveness for you!"

    AVA :"But I was sick, broken ..."

    WildFire :"Always excuses, never repentence or "I'm sorry", but then again "I'm sorry" isn't built into you is it?"

    AVA stubborn :"I NEVER apoligize!"

    WildFire :"So now you will reap what you sow."

    Camera fades to black.

    To be continued next week.

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