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    The New Season


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    The New Season Empty The New Season

    Post  WildFire on Mon Nov 14, 2011 3:08 pm

    The Illuminati, WildFire, Bigjobs, Soho Sixx, Twilight Storm, Legacy and Tamara are sitting around the conference table discussing the new season.

    Tamara :"So tonight will be a busy night, we have WildFire and Soho Sixx vs Adam MacFarlard and KiKiri in a tag team match..."

    WildFire :"Kiriki."

    Tamara :"Whatever. Also Legacy vs Jamie Knight in a Last Blood Match.."

    WildFIre :"Jamieson Knight."

    Tamara" ... And it's says here .. an SCT Hall of Famer... a founding member of the SCT ... A member of the Illuminati? What ? Who? I know of no other members other than Dark Horse ..."

    WildFire :"Do you remember Zeus the Fighter?"

    Tamara :"But he was never one of us, he was one of the Immortals."

    WildFire :"He is family and whether you call us UWF : Entity of Death, Blood of Brothers, The Immortals, or The Illuminati, that's for life..."

    Legacy :"Tell that to Dark Horse ..."

    Twilight Storm :"Ya that snake in the grass joined Wesley and left us high and dry."

    Bigjobs :"Didn't Wesley Buy his contract or something?"

    WildFire and Tamara both laugh.

    WildFire :"That old trick, you mean buy someones contract and blackmail them into working for him ?? This would be like the 12th or 13th time he has done that."

    Tamara :"Do you really think we could keep wrestlers if Wesley Brown could repeat such a pathetic trick over and over again."

    WildFire : "Wesley is old and stupid, he keeps doing the same thing over and over again, the fact of the matter he can't buy ANYONES contract, that just stupid. After he blackmailed Twilight the same way the SCT passed bylaws, preventing that crap. Also Blackmail is illegal and can get you thrown in jail. We can't run a buisiness,even a wrestling buisiness where illegal stuff is continually happening. We made sure after Wesley left the Fed the first time to spell out in no uncertain terms the rights and obligations of all our employees, so crap like that can't happen. When Dark Horse joined us, Tamara and I sat down with him and went over them .. so he knows bloody well that Wesley Brown can't buy his contract .. he is protected agaisnt that, and all of us, have special "insurance" against that ."

    Tamara :"Our contracts are all protected from that kind of stuff, with a very very nasty set of liabillity clauses and a team of lawyers."

    WildFire :"Dark Horse is just amusing himself at Wesley's expense, he does so love to play games. Dark Horse is a sneaky, untrustworthy, backstabbing ... anyway he just wants to play and create as much chaos and anarchy as he can and he'll do whatever he thinks best suits that."

    Legacy :"But ..."

    WildFire :"Dark Horse is part of the Family, and once you're in, you're in for LIFE, there is no leaving, no quitting, no backing out. He is one of us whether he likes it our not. He'll be back eventually, one way or the other."

    Legacy :"What is this the mob?"

    WildFire laughs :"We are a very select few, it's doesn't matter what happens we will always be part of the select few. We all have a purpose here, even Dark Horse."

    Legacy :"???"

    WildFire :"Anyway Legacy, since you are so full of energy today, I need you to keep an eye on Zeus, make sure he gets back on track, get him reaclimated to the way things are now. Work with him as needed and access where his skills are at now."

    Legacy :"You mean babysit him?

    WildFire :"No MENTOR him, like I did you, it has been awhile and we need to know where he is at and stuff."

    Legacy frowns.

    WildFire :Anyway Legacy you gotta get ready for your match , Soho Sixx and Tamara and I got some business to discuss, the rest of you..."

    The rest of The Illuminati leave the room.

    WildFire waits a few mintues to make sure they are gone.

    WildFire : "AVA, you may come in ."

    AVA steps out of the shadows.

    AVA :"It's about time .... BOSS."

    Camera fades to black.

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