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    Still more of the New Season


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    Still more of the New Season Empty Still more of the New Season

    Post  WildFire on Thu Dec 01, 2011 12:19 pm

    Continued from Tuesdays the 15th of November
    After the rest of the Illiminati left Tamara, WildFire and Soho Sixx awaited the arrival of AVA. Ava arrived and informed by WildFire that she would no longer be allowed to see her boyfriend and "former" Dark Horse. Furthmore she was directed that she would be answering directly to Tamara, Soho Sixx and WildFire in all things.

    Ava leaves the room angry and in a huff.

    Tamara turns to WildFire confused. "I do not understand what is a familar??"

    WildFire :"All OUR KIND have one, including myself, Dark Horse and your daughter Jasmine. They are artifical contructs, companions designed to help us cope with our powers and such. It's like having an invisible friend, a best friend a loayl companion type thing. From an early age we are so very different from most of the human races so we are giving these fourth dimensional companions, which take on the forms and personalites that we desire so that we can learn to cope and develop properly. They take of the form... whatever.. and help us. Sometimes they take the form of pets, sometime invisible friends, it all depends. But they are our constant companions and helpers. Sometimes they even LOOK human, but they are not. We also call them FRAGMENTS because USUALLY they are fragments or our POWERS and PERSONALITIES. It's a coping mecanism for our kind."

    Tamara :"So why is AVA so ..." Tamara shakes her head at a loss for words.

    WildFire :"Independent? Psychotic? Psychopathic? Hmm I am not sure. Unless on some level that is the way I am deep down inside. Perhaps she is merely a reflection of the nastiness inside of me.. or perhaps she is ... it's hard to tell."

    Tamara :"So where is Dark Horses familar then??"

    WildFire :"I don't know .. it's hard to tell what Dark Horse knows or deosn't know about our shared history and bloodlines, I think for the most part he is ignorant of the our TRUE NATURE. Mostly I think he just likes the mystery and undefined aspects, it amuses him to be mysterious and what's the word... hmm not aloof.. distant, undefined... but it means he know very little of the why or what he can do. He is completely ignorant of 4th dimensional physics or power."

    Tamara :"4th Dimensional phsyics?"

    WildFire : "The physics and applications of Time... Our universe it made up of 4 dimensions, length, bredth, width and time. Most people live only three dimensionally because thats all we can interact with, but time is also interactable just ask Stephen Hawking. Our kind to a lesser degree have to be aware of it, for our powers to work properly."

    Tamara :"How so?"

    WildFire :"Like with Shifting.." The lights flicker and when they come back on WildFire is standing a few feet away.

    WildFire :"It is simply a matter of understanding that one place is no different then another, at least not temporally,in terms of time, and know the differences 3 dimensionally. We learn to know the differences on an almost instinctive , prelogical level. It is something we KNOW without thinking about it and are aware of on an unconscious level. It's amazingly complex and complicated but we make it so easy."

    Tamara :"This is confusing... how does this all fit together..."

    WildFire :"Ahh it just .. sorry kind of went off on a tangent there .. it is something you should be aware of as Jasmines Mother, but it is unlikely that your son will inherit most of his fathers powers, except for maybe the enhanced healing and metabolism. Probably the improved senses and spacial awareness. But little else."

    Tamara :"My son's father ? I have no son."

    WildFire :"You mean the one growing in your belly right now? " WildFire shakes his head "You always did have a fondness for the bad boys, mostly because you never had to make any emotional investment in them. Use them and Lose them eh? But Dark Horse? What were you thinking?"

    To be continued

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