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    The War Begins


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    The War Begins Empty The War Begins

    Post  shadowinger on Thu Jun 07, 2012 6:27 am

    The lights in the SCT Arena go out and darkness falls upon the SCT fans then there is an explosion of Blue fire from ramp underneath the SCTtron shoots into the air. Shadowinger’s music starts to play. ‘The Living Shadow’ makes his way to the ring accompanied by Vanessa Canes.

    Shadowinger is handed a mic from the Ring Announcer.

    The SCT camera’s pan Backstage to where “Superfamous” is watching on a Tv monitor.

    Shadowinger: So SCT fans we now finally know who the mystery attacker was Superfamous! Who seems to be the dirty work for the New SCT President Benjamin Bregg. As you can see SCT fans the New President has some what put at a disadvantage and raised the stakes by the Mountain load. Michael Lowe my good friend is banned from Ringside and worst of all if I lose at the PPV to Superfamous then my Girlfriend Vanessa becomes an Assistant to the New President. Let’s just say I ain’t going to let that happen anytime soon. (SCT Fans cheer). I’ve got all the motivation I need now to destroy the Superfamous after his actions. This ‘Living Shadow’ is ready to fight!!!!.

    The SCT camera’s pan Backstage again to where “Superfamous” is laughing at the Tv monitor. Superfamous talks to the Tv camera which is broadcast to the SCT Arena on SCTtron. Both the Shadowinger and the SCT fans listen to his comments.

    Superfamous: What a cry baby you are Shadowinger. Get real, you just ain’t upto the task. I will crush your heart when I beat you at the PPV and watch as Vanessa Canes has to work for the New SCT President and my Boss. I’m going to make your life an Living Hell!!!! For the so called SCT’s ‘Living Shadow’. Plus I will prove to the New President that I am great wrestler. I am Superfamous!!!! Let’s get this party started a little early, hey Shadowinger!!! (Boo’s can be heard around the Arena)

    Superfamous starts to make his way to the SCT Arena. The SCT fans start to cheer as a confrontation is about to take place against Superfamous and Shadowinger.

    Superfamous’s music starts to play around the arena. He appears below the SCTtron with a mic in his hand. Shadowinger leans on the ropes in anticipation of what he has to say.

    Superfamous: You dare to think Shadowinger that I would waste my time to pound on you before our match. No, I want you at 100%, so I prove how much of a loser you really are!!!! I will destroy and leave your sorry carcuse in the ring and take your precious Vanessa from you at the PPV!!!! For now you will be tormented.

    Shadowinger: Shadowinger. Well your certainly a big talker but let’s see who will win the War. I can’t wait to get my hands on you Superfamous. The ‘Living Shadow’ doesn’t not run, hide or fear anyone. And you know the saying the bigger the Ego, the more deluded the man. You will fall when we face each other one on one. You will be consumed by the shadows & darkness, FEAR ME!!!!

    Superfamous: Bring everything you’ve got Shadow because you’re going to need it. Once I’ve beaten you to a pulp I will become the greatest wrestler in SCT.

    The SCT fans boo at Superfamous’s words.

    Shadowinger: Well that’s one thing I wont let happen and put the SCT fans through misery of you winning. O’ and yes Superfamous I will bring it, trust me.

    Shadowinger raises his arms in the air and pulls them down and all four ringposts burst alive with blue flame and Shadowinger’s music starts to play around the arena.

    The SCT fans can be heard chanting Shadow Shadow Shadow.

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