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    New Terror Begins Empty New Terror Begins

    Post  shadowinger on Tue Feb 21, 2012 9:54 am

    Shadowinger is walking backstage on his own, on the way to meet Michael Lowe. As Shadowinger turns the corridor corner he's hit in the face with a steel chair. SCT's "Living Shadow" crashes to the ground, daze by the chair shot. From the darkness a face appears. Cornelius Rupert "MaSSacre".

    Cornelius: So the mighty Shadowinger lies on the floor. The so called Master of Terror Champion. The man to be Feared in SCT. I don't think so punk!!! Your about to get a wake up call. You never faced me before but I've heard a hell of a lot about you from your friend Michael Lowe. My former tag team partner who I had to cut loose as he was a loser just like you are "Living Shadow"!!!

    Shadowinger pulls himself up from the ground to face Cornelius Rupert "MaSSacre". Blood is dripping from Shadowinger's head from a cut.

    Shadowinger: Well let's just say, nice shot with the chair but been there done that too many times. You think a sneak attack shows genuis, I beg to differ Cornelius. It shows how much you're a coward. Yeh I heard that you left my friend Michael Lowe in a heap after you couldn't admit that you were the weak link in the tag team. And you couldn't handle the truth and ate you up.

    Cornelius Rupert "MaSSacre": You dare to mock me. To question my guts, my integrity. You've crossed the line. Your old friend Michael Lowe use to talk about the good old days. Well it's time to live in the present Shadowinger. That title you hold will belong to me. You've never seen a wrestler like me before. Prepare to lose and lose badly. When we meet in the ring it be a "Massacre" when I beat you to a pulp and leave your bloodied body on the mat, holding the Master of Terror title!

    Shadowinger: Trust to me Cornelius I certainly live in the present and your the one holding onto past dreams that will never come true. You will learn to Fear Me and you will be consumed by the darkness. You stepped over the line when you mocked my friend. Time for you to wish you never meet me!!!

    Suddenly in the distance of the SCT corridor's Michale Lowe can be seen running towards both Shadowinger and Cornelius Rupert "MaSSacre".

    Michael Lowe: Cornelius your mine, I owe you some pain.

    Cornelius Rupert "MaSSacre" sees Michael Lowe.

    Cornelius Rupert "MaSSacre": Well that's my queue to go now "Living Shadow". Until we meet in the ring. Try not to get that shiny belt to dirty. As it will look good around my waist.

    Cornelius Rupert "MaSSacre" turns and disappears in the backstage corridors.

    Michael Lowe: That weasel get away again. He got you good friend with that chair shot. We better get you to the EMT's. Once your patched please promise that your serve that punk some pain.

    Shadowinger: Trust me Michael that's exactly what I plan to do. It will be my honour and pleasure to make him suffer.

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