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    A tale of four men and one fight

    dark horse
    dark horse

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    A tale of four men and one fight Empty A tale of four men and one fight

    Post  dark horse on Tue May 15, 2012 6:36 pm

    The Wicker Man and Wendy are in the ring. Wicker runs and bounces off the ropes a few times and ends up in the middle of the ring. He raises his hands and is cheered by the crowd. When they quiet down he raises his mic.

    Wicker: I am not going to beat around the bush. I came out here because I have a fight that needs to be finished. Two seasons ago one Dark Horse and myself went toe to toe in a series of Ironman matches that ended in a draw. It needs to be finished. Dark Horse, you said after Wesley was dealt with we would finally have a winner between us; Wesley isn't here for an entire season.

    The Crowd cheers loudly. Wendy start clapping but she looks worried.

    Janet Harper: We knew this was coming, there was no way he wasn't going to ask for this.

    Wicker: So Dark Horse; why don't you come out so we can finish what we started.

    After a few moments pass "I'm On the Rock" by Mavado blares over the speakers. The base of the Tron erupts in flames and the crowd start cheering with anticipation. Dark Horse walks out energized. Nilda comes running out and tries to hold him back. She starts arguing with Dark Horse and begs him to go backstage with her. He says something to her and she outs and then follow him to the ring. When they get in Nilda and Wendy crowd to one side sulking.
    Dark Horse goes to one corner of the ring and climbs the turnbuckle with one leg held high and one on the second rope. He closes his eyes, raising his head arrogantly and listens as the crowd starts chanting his name. In the middle of the noise he looks back at The Wicker Man and calls for a mic, one is thrown in to him. The crowd gets silent when he raises the mic.

    Dark Horse: You called.

    The Wicker man nods. Dark Horse hops down from the Turnbuckle.

    Dark Horse: I'm answering.

    He throws the mic away and starts toward the Wicker Man. Wendy and Nilda get in between then pushing them back and trying to hold them apart. The Titan Tron goes on and one can seen Benjamin Breeg in his office chair looking on.

    Breeg: Sibling rivalries are great for business. Especially when they look that good.

    He points to Nilda and Wendy.


    But tonight I am not about to let two of my favorite stars go head to head.

    Dark Horse and The Wicker Man look at each other curiously.

    Breeg: Instead I am carefully choosing two opponents for you two.

    He rifles through the paperwork at his desk and pick out two pieces of paper randomly and puts them face down.

    Breeg: Here's how this is going to work. At the Pay Per view you two will face each other in an Ironman Match to settle whatever score you had going before I got here. That is a match I think the fans are going to love.

    The crowd responds by cheering.

    Breeg: Ehem, for the next three weeks however the two of you will be facing different opponents in similar matches. The first tonight will be a LAST MAN STANDING. For you Wicker, it will be you facing none other than...

    He picks up a piece of paper and turns it over laughing.

    Breeg: Baron Bob Brabenhurts.

    Bill Manson: Wow, I guess things are taking a turn for the better as far as Wendy and Nilda are concerned look at them smiling and congratulating one another.

    Breeg: Dark Horse, you my friend will be facing none other than...

    He turns over the last piece of paper and grimaces and puts it back down shaking his head. Nilda covers her mouth in anticipation.

    Breeg: RAMOK!

    Janice Stevens walks onto the screen and looks at the paper.

    Janice: But that doesn't say...

    Breeg: Shhhhhh, not now. There you have it gentlemen. Tonight there will be two last man standing matches. It will be the Wicker Man facing Baron Bob Brabenhusrt; we will also see Dark Horse go one on one with Ramok. Good luck gen...

    Ramok's music plays and he comes walking out and heads directly to the ring. Dark Horse stands in the ring looking at the Giant coming toward him. The Wicker Man hops out of the ring taking Wendy with him. Wendy grabs onto Nilda and takes her with her. a laughing Ramok gets in and goes face to face with Dark Horse.
    Baron Bob's music plays and he comes out at the top of the ramp looking at the Wicker Man.

    Janet Harper: Oh man. This is going to be a good show tonight stay tuned folks.

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    A tale of four men and one fight Empty Re: A tale of four men and one fight

    Post  Wicker on Wed May 16, 2012 1:52 am


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