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    Foe Next Season: Meeting With Six String Icon


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    Foe Next Season: Meeting With Six String Icon Empty Foe Next Season: Meeting With Six String Icon

    Post  Wicker on Fri May 11, 2012 6:09 am

    One can see SCT President Benjamin Breeg and his assistant Janice Stevens in the office.

    Benjamin Breeg: "Puhhhhh ... these meetings are pretty time consuming and stressful."

    Benjamin Breeg: "Who is next?"

    Janice Stevens: "The Black Crown Champion Six String Icon."

    Benjamin Breeg: "Six String?? Is he a guitar player or what?"

    Janice Stevens: "Exactly."

    Then on ca hear a knock on the door.

    Benjamin Breeg: "Come in!!"

    The door is opened and Six String Icon walks in.

    Benjamin Breeg: "Hello ... sit down."

    Six String Icon: "Excuse me Sir ..."

    Six String Icon walks to Janice Stevens and shakes her hand.

    Six String Icon: "Ms. Stevens, nice to meet you ... and welcome to Squared Circle Terror."

    Then Six String Icon walks to Benjamin Breeg.

    Six String Icon: "Mr. President ... the same to you ... nice to meet you and welcome."

    Benjamin Breeg: "Thank you. Please sit down."

    Six String Icon sits down a a chair.

    Benjamin Breeg: "Mr. Stevens, would you please give me Six String Icon's personnel file."

    Janice Stevens hands it over to Benjamin Breeg. He opens it and starts reading.

    Benjamin Breeg: "Aha ... aha ... three times Black Crown Champion and two times New Blood Champion. Not bad."

    Benjamin Breeg: "... good guitar player ... wrote several theme songs for the SCT shows ..."

    Benjamin Breeg: " ... aha ... aha ..."

    Benjamin Breeg: "Well Six String, I can see that are obviously a pretty good motivated employee. That's what we need! Sounds good to me. There is only one thing which maybe could be a problem."

    Six String Icon: "What is it?"

    Benjamin Breeg: "There are two things you are concentrating on: wrestling and playing guitar. THAT could be the problem. I've seen people who also concentrated on several things. The result was that they have been on a mid level of performance. If they had concentrated only on one topic they would have been on a high level on that one topic. You know what I mean?"

    Six String Icon: "I see, Sir. But that will not happen to me."

    Benjamin Breeg (loud): "I HOPE SO!!"

    Benjamin Breeg: "If I should recognize that you don't deliver your best performance, you will run into big problems. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?"

    Six String Icon: "Sir, with all do respect, it is not necessary to speak with me with tone in your voice. I am not some stupid guy which doesn't understand what other people say."

    Benjamin Breeg: "OK, Six String, I just told what I expect from you ... high performance."

    Six String Icon: "I understand."

    Benjamin Breeg: "By the way, obviously you are very polite person and a person with good manners."

    Janice stevens nods.

    Benjamin Breeg: "I like that!!"

    Six String Icon: "Thank you."

    Six String Icon gets up from his chair.

    Six String Icon: "Mr. President ... Ms Stevens."

    Benjamin Breeg: "Another thing ... you will defend your title tonight. You will meeto your opponent in the ring."

    Six String Icon: "No problem!!"

    Six String Icon leaves the office.

    Benjamin Breeg: "Nice guy."

    Janice Stevens: "INDEED ... a nice guy!!"

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