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    Respect between a Storm & Shadow


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    Respect between a Storm & Shadow Empty Respect between a Storm & Shadow

    Post  shadowinger on Thu May 03, 2012 6:22 am

    Shadowinger's music plays through the arena. The SCT fans sit up from their seats and start to cheer and chant Shadow Shadow Shadow. The arena lights go out then the SCT titantron comes alive with a burst of fireworks and flames. The arena lights slowly come back on. The crowd are cheering even louder now. Shadowinger makes his way to the ring and then steps over the top rope. A ringside assistant hands him a mic.

    Shadowinger: Well after a tough match last week against Twilight Storm I lost to a great competitor and the Master of Terror title. But I do get one final shot at winning the title back. So "Living Shadow" fans and all SCT fans you ever know what might happen. Once again thank you all the SCT fans for your support during my title reign. The last week has been difficult with Vanessa in hospital. But this rollercoaster ride is far from over and the new Master of Terror champion Twilight Storm will have to face me again. It's going to be a tough re-match literally as I'm facing her in a gruelling Ironman Match. (The SCT fans cheer)

    Now it’s time for me to try to get back to the top. I dropped my guard last time and paid the price. I’m not going to let down myself and most importantly my fans.(SCT fans cheer)

    Then SCT's Twilight Storm music plays and she appears on stage with a mic her hand. Plus the Master of Terror title sits over her shoulder.

    Twilight Storm: Firstly Shadowinger I must congratulate you on a great match last week for the Master of Terror title. You have been a worthy champion and I respect you a lot. Even with the situation with Vanessa Canes your girlfriend & manager, you've continued to defend your title. It will be my honour to hand you a re-match but I’m afraid I'm not looking to lose this title so soon. the Ironman match will push both to our limits but I will prevail and continue to be Master of Terror champion. I hope we make this match a great match for the PPV and the fans of SCT. (The SCT fans cheer)

    Shadowinger: Thank you Twilight Storm for your repsect. It is much appreciated. But as much as you want to hold onto the title. I will be looking to make it a short reign and become a three time Master of Terror Champion. Like you say the match type will push our bodies to their limits. I look forward to making this a great match for the PPV. Trust me Twilight I will bring everything I've got, so be prepared for a battle.

    Twilight Storm: Shadowinger your a great wrestler. And yes bring everything you got. I'm ready and waiting to defend the Master of Terror title. A Storm is coming so be ready yourself "Living Shadow".

    Shadowinger: You talk a good game Twilight. Let’s just let the fighting do the talking. Get ready to be beaten and watch your dreams become nightmare. FEAR ME!!!!

    Then Shadowinger raises his arms and brings them crashing down. The Lights go out in the Arena for a few seconds and then all four Ringposts explode with blue flame. The lights come back on in the Arena. Shadowinger has disappeared from the Ring. Twilight Storm stands on the ramp slightly bemused. She then raises the title in the air and the SCT fans cheer. Twilight Storm's music plays she throws her mic onto the floor and returns backstage.

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