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    A Storm is Coming!


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    A Storm is Coming! Empty A Storm is Coming!

    Post  shadowinger on Sat Apr 07, 2012 3:40 pm

    Shadowinger, Michael Lowe & Vanessa Canes are walking Backstage when they are confronted by SCT's Twilight Storm.

    Shadowinger: Hi Twilight, how things with you?

    Twilight Storm: Yep things are pretty good but I'm looking for make things even better by taking a shot at the title around your waist. I was certainly impressed by the Inferno match at Terrorvarsary. You certainly got a lot of respect from the roster for that one. But I'm looking to set my goals high and your my path to reach that summit. So what do you say champ?

    Shadowinger: Well Twilight I've always said that I would defend the belt against any challenge and you are no acception to that rule, I certainly respect you as powerful member of the SCT roster. And I would be glad to hand you a title change for the Master of Terror championship.

    Twilight Storm: Well that is much appreciated champ but don't think your in for an easy ride. This woman is ready to take that title from SCT's Living Shadow and end your title run. I just hope you can keep up with the pace of the match as I will be fastest wrestler you've ever stepped in the ring with. You won't have a chance to hise from the Storm.

    Shadowinger: Those are strong fighting words Twilight and I admire your confidence. Trust me I will be ready for you. I've had to up my game in every match in SCT. Let's make this a great match for the SCT fans. And by the way you make be quick but I won't give you room to gather any sort pace.

    Michael Lowe: He's right Twilight. Don't be fooled by Shadowinger's size. He's quicker than you think and many have made that mistake in the past.

    Twilight: Yeh guys I certainly know that from studying your matches both here and in CiR. You can trust me that I won't be making any so called rookie mistakes.

    Shadowinger: Well Twilight let the best wrestler win. And lets see if you can fulfill your dreams. As I much as I respect you I will not give up until I pin for the three count.

    Twilight: We will see Shadowinger.

    Twilight Storm and Shadowinger shake hands. Twilight heads back down the SCT corridors towards her Locker Room. While Shadowinger, Michael Lowe & Vanessa Canes dicuss their recent encounter.

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