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    Post  shadowinger on Thu Sep 29, 2011 6:31 am

    Shadowinger & Vanessa Canes walk Backstage being congratulated by fellow SCT wrestlers and STC backroom staff after Shadowingwer won the Master of Terror title from Excellox. But as Shadowinger & Vanessa Canes shake hands with people. Excellox appears from now where and hits both Shadowinger & Vanessa Canes with a steel chair. Both fall to the ground. The backroom staff scater down the corridors.

    Excellox: You think this is over Shadowinger. You dare to gloat over taking the title from me. I think you forget that I'm entitled to my re-match. You got lucky in the match and you won't get lucky twice. As I'll make sure that you can't stand as I pummel you face into the mat. Then I get the 1 2 3 and re-gain my title and bring it back to where it belongs.

    Shadowinger: You think that I'm going to run from a coward like you, Excellox. You have to blindside me to get the upper hand. You want a re-match for the title then I'm sure the SCT Management would glady accept to arrange this match. As for me not being able to stand let's make it a Last Man Standing match. Your then see Excellox that there will only be one man Standing and that will be SCT'S "Living Shadow" Shadowinger. (Cheers can be heard from the SCT fans in the Arena).

    Vanessa Canes gets up from the floor after the chair shot caught both her and Shadowinger. She then stares at Excellox and slaps in the face which knocks Excellox back.

    Excellox: What you doing? You dare slap me. I'll show you some manners.

    Shadowinger: You even think about laying a finger on Vanessa you won't make it to the re-match for the Master of Terror title. You've made your point now just wait for SCT Management to approve the match. I can't wait to get my hands on you and show why I hold the Terror title.

    Excellox: Ok Ok I get the message. Keep the title warm for me Shadowinger as your reign as champion will be short. (Excellox turns away and walks towards the Locker Room area)

    Vanessa Canes: Well he seemed upset a bit babe!

    Shadowinger: Yeh he did seem quite upset. I think he'll have to get use to that emotion when faces me in a re-match for the Master of Terror title.

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    Post  Wicker on Thu Sep 29, 2011 2:52 pm


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