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    Problems for a Shadow


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    Problems for a Shadow Empty Problems for a Shadow

    Post  shadowinger on Wed Apr 18, 2012 2:38 pm

    Shadowinger is walking backstage with Michael Lowe when suddenly Gigantus & T-Riggs blindside the "Living Shadow" and his friend with chair shots to the heads. Both go crashing to the floor. Then Gigantus picks up Michael Lowe up and holds him while T-Riggs hit him with another chair shot. Michael Lowe is knock out cold. A few members of SCT Secruity try to help but are all taken out with chair shots. Shadowinger somehow manages to make it to his feet.

    Shadowinger: What do you two want?

    T-Riggs: We are here to teach that you maybe the current champ but it won't last for much longer, fool.

    Gigantus: We've had many battle in SCT and I think that will continue but I like to make you suffer and make your life hell. You've upset this giant too many times and I think it's time for me change that.

    Shadowinger: What the heck are you talking about? You've both had your fair chance at the title on numerous ocassions. Get over it!

    Gigantus slams Shadowinger against the wall. Shadowinger slumps to the floor looking up at both Gigantus & T-Riggs.

    T-Riggs: We say it's over when we say it's over, not you "Living Shadow". Time for you to wake up that fact and to relise who is in control of SCT. (T-Riggs slaps Shadowinger around the face).

    Then from the distance of the SCT corridor a voice can be heard shouting. Twilight Storm comes running towards Gigantus and T-Riggs. T-Riggs tries to intercept her but Twilight Storm with a vicious clothesline knocking to the floor.

    She then picks up a chair and hits Gigantus in the face. The blow knocks him back.

    Twilight Storm: I think you better back off before I knock out with this steel chair.

    Gigantus and T-Riggs both retreat back down the SCT corridors stepping over the knocked out SCT Secruity guards and Michael Lowe.

    Twilight Storm: You ok there Shadowinger. You look quite a mess to be honest. Just like the Hardcore match we had last week for the Master of Terror title.

    Shadowinger: Yeh I've had better days. Thanks for the save.

    Twilight Storm: Hey no problem. If I'm going to take the title off you. I don't want to do by default. (Twilight Storm helps Shadowinger up from the floor. SCT medics make their way to the fallen Secruity staff, Michael Lowe and Shadowinger).

    Then another voice can be heard from the SCT corridors. Vanessa Canes appears.

    Vanessa Canes: What the heck is going on here? What happened? And most importantly get your filthy hands off my boyfriend!!!!

    Shadowinger: It's ok Nessa. Twilight fought of both Gigantus and T-Riggs.

    Vanessa Canes: O' that's her plan is it.

    Twilight Storm: Hey your boyfriend just got his butt kicked plus can you see the bodies laying on the floor being treated. Here you go see to your boyfriend. I'm outta here.

    Twilight passes Shadowinger to a SCT medic. And then walks away to the disgust of Vanessa Canes.

    Shadowinger: Hey babe, you've got things all wrong. Twilight stopped me from taking a pummeling from the Giant and his sidekick T-Riggs.

    Vanessa Canes: I'm sorry babe but I just don't trust her.

    Shadowinger: Let's just move on. How's Michael doing?

    Vanessa Canes: Not to good. He's got a concussion and is going to the hospital.

    Shadowinger: Well once Michael and I are healthy again. I would love to face Gigntus & T-Riggs in a tag team match and give them some well deserved payback. But I can't lose sight that Twilight Storm wants the title.

    Vanessa gives a not amused look.

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