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    Breaking of a Shadow


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    Breaking of a Shadow Empty Breaking of a Shadow

    Post  shadowinger on Wed Apr 25, 2012 4:24 pm

    Shadowinger is walking Backstage when he can hear screams. He runs as fast as he can towards the screams to be confronted by Vanessa Canes laying on the floor with a cut on her head and blood running down her face.

    Shadowinger: Nessa Nessa, babe!!!! Someone help me!

    Michael Lowe is accompanied by SCT medics who start to attend to Vanessa Canes.

    Michael Lowe: Man you heck would do this to Vanessa.

    Shadowinger: Who ever it is they will feel the full wrath of SCT's "Living Shadow". I will go through hell to get my revenge and make them pay. This is personal.

    Michael Lowe: Well after the attack last week by Gigantus and T-Riggs you gotta think it must be them. As we both have a history with them. And they plain just don't like us very much. I've got the stitches to prove it.

    Shadowinger: Well that's what I'm thinking to Michael. They've stoop far to low this time. Time to make them pay for their actions!!!

    Then from the distance Twilight Storm comes running towards Shadowinger and Michael Lowe.

    Twilight Storm: I just heard what happened to Vanessa. How you holding up Shadow?

    Shadowinger: I've had better days to say the least Twilight. I can't believe this has happened.

    Twilight Storm: Well although me and Vanessa didn't see eye to eye. I certainly wouldn't of wished this upon her or anyone. I'm sure she'll be fine.

    Shadowinger: Well I hope so Twilight. Either way I'm going to make Gigantus and T-Riggs pay.

    Twilight Storm: Shadow I'm sorry to say it couldn't of been them two villians. As their flight was delayed. They're not even at the Arena.

    Shadowinger: So who the heck has done this to Vanessa?

    Michael Lowe: Looks like someone else has a serious issue with your friend. We are going to have to watch our backs.

    Twilight Storm: I think for now Shadowinger you need to go with Vanessa to the hospital to see she's ok. Start worrying about the mysterious attacker later.

    Shadowinger: Yeh your right Twilight.

    Michael Lowe: Take care friend.

    Twilight Storm: Hey Shadowinger. Do think you'll still be ok for the title match against me?

    Shadowinger: Don't worry about that Twilight. I'm a fighting champion. As ever you just bring your 'A' game.

    Shadowinger gets in the back of the Ambulance with Vanessa Canes who is know in a neck brace on a stretcher. The Ambulance doors shut and the Ambulance starts to pull out of the Arena.

    Twilight Storm and Michael Lowe watch as the Ambulance pulls away. Both wondering who the mysterious attacker may be. Just are the SCT fans.

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