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    Who Will Team Up?


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    Who Will Team Up? Empty Who Will Team Up?

    Post  Wicker on Tue Apr 03, 2012 4:30 am

    Tamara's music is played. A few seconds later Tamara appears on the stage and walks to the ring.

    Tamara: "Ladies And Gentlemen, as you know The SCT Teag Team Championship is vacant and we of course need new champions. I had a meeting with the other members of The Illuminati and we can to the decision that we want to give the following guys a chance."

    Tamara: "I'm calling out ..."

    Tamara: "The Heavenly Fighter ..."

    Tamara: "Frank Jaegar ..."

    Tamara: "and Valerio."

    The three wrestlers appear on the stage and walk to the ring.

    Tamara: "Well guys, this is a big chance for you to win your first titles in SCT. I think that is motivation enough, isn't it?"

    Valerio: "Ms. Tamara, I' sorry, but I can see only 3 wrestlers. Where is the 4th and who will team up with whom?"

    Tamara: "Valerio, good question."

    Tamara: "First of all ... the first team will be Frank Jaegar and The Heavely Fighter."

    Frank Jaegar and The Heavenly Fighter shake hands.

    Valerio: "And who will be my partner? May I chose one?"

    Tamara: "NO ... I will give you one!!"

    Valerio: "Hopefully a strong one!!"

    Tamara: "We will find out. The thing is that your partner will a brand new SCT member."

    Valerio: "What? A nobody?"

    Tamara (angry): "I DON'T HIRE NOBODYS!!!"

    Valerio: "I'm sorry!!"

    Tamara: "Here is your partner ... Der Nomed 2nd!!"

    Der Nomed 2nd appears on the stage and everybody looks at him.

    Der Nomed 2nd enters the ring and looks at Valerio. He offers his hand. Valerio looks at it and finally shakes it.

    Tamara: "Ladies And Gentlemen, may the best team win and become the new SCT Tag Team Champions!!"

    Who Will Team Up? Empty Re: Who Will Team Up?

    Post  Gast on Wed Apr 04, 2012 6:55 am

    While Tamara and Valerio argue THF is in the corner and can be celebrated by Puplikum. He makes a sign that he wants to have the microphone and it gets tossed. Then he turns around and says:

    The Heavenly Fighter: I am so fed up slowly. Jaegar and I are here in the belly, the legs are now combined into a tag team, and must bear your nagging. It's a shit here who Fight with whom. We have the opportunity to tag team champions and can finally show that we are not the last in this league. For too long we have been portrayed as the loser. I tell you what, Jaegar and THF, no matter who we are fighting each spank your ass. This is my earnest.
    Because I... Fight... for the... Right.

    Then THF throws down the mic and disappears.

    Während Tamara und Valerio sich streiten geht THF in die Ringecke und lässt sich vom Puplikum feiern. Er macht ein zeichen, das er das Mikrofon haben möchte und bekommt es zugeworfen. Dann dreht er sich um und sagt:

    The Heavenly Fighter: Ich habe so langsam die Nase voll. Jaegar und ich stehen uns hier die Beine in den Bauch, werden jetzt zu einen Tag Team zusammengefügt und müssen euer gemecker ertragen. Es ist doch scheissegal wer hier mit wem Kämpft. Wir haben die Chance Tag Team Champions zu werden und können endlich zeigen das wir nicht die letzten in dieser Liga sind. Zu lange sind wir als die Looser hingestellt worden. Ich sage euch was, Jaegar und THF werden egal gegen wen wir Kämpfen werden, jeden den Arsch versohlen. Das ist mein ernst. Denn Ich Kämpfe für das Recht.

    Dann wirft THF das Mikro hin und verschwindet.

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