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    Post  Wicker on Wed May 16, 2012 2:32 am

    SCT President Benjamin Breeg and his assistant Janice Stevens are sitten at their desks doing some admin work.

    Janice Stevens: "Mr. Breeg, do you have some time to speak about something?"

    Benjamin Breeg: "Sure, what is it?"

    Janice Stevens: "Can you please come to me desk?"

    Benjamin Breeg gets up from his chair and walks to Janice's desk until he is standing right behind her chair.

    Janice Stevens: "Take a look at the schedule for tonight's show. I have it here on my laptop."

    Benjamin Breeg bends a bit down and looks over Janice's shoulder on the laptop.

    Janice Stevens: "You scheduled a Tag Team Championship Match, but we don't have the participants yet."

    When looking over Janice's shoulder Benjamin Breeg takes a deep look into Janice's clevage.

    Janice Stevens (not recognizing Benjamin Breeg's looks): "Who will be the participants."

    Benjamin Breeg: "Nice ..."

    Janice Stevens: "Excuse me?"

    Benjamin Breeg: "VERY nice!!"

    Janice Stevens turns her head and recognizes where Benjamin Breeg is looking to.

    Janice Stevens: "MR. BREEG!!!!!!!!"

    Janice Stevens turns around and closes the upper button of her blouse.

    Benjamin Breeg: "Sorry, but I couldn't withstand. I never realized that you have such ..."

    Janice Stevens: "Yes ... I know what you want to say, but that is not a topic right now!!!"

    Benjamin Breeg: "I have never seen you wearing your private clothes. I've always only seen you wearing your business clothes. I'm sure you're looking awesome when .."

    Janice Stevens: "Can we pease go on working?!?!?!?"

    Benjamin Breeg: "You are right ... back to business. Well ... one half of the reigning Tag Team champions is not with the company anymore."

    Janice Stevens: "Yes ... you fired him."

    Benjamin Breeg: "Exactly. Hmmmm ... what to do?"

    Benjamin Breeg: "I know ... please arrange a meeting with Frank Jaegar and Valerio in ... "

    Benjamin Breeg takes a look at his watch.

    Benjamin Breeg: "... 30 minutes. Ask them both to come right here to my office."

    Janice Stevens: "OK ... sure thing. I'm gonna do it right now."

    Janice Stevens goes on working on her laptop and Benjamin Breeg walks back to his desk and sits down. He leans back on his chair and looks at Janice Stevens.

    Benjamin Breeg (speaking to himself): "Very nice ... indeed very nice ... "

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