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    NiXON and Tamara


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    NiXON and Tamara  Empty NiXON and Tamara

    Post  NiXON on Thu Mar 15, 2012 7:19 am

    Backstage sequence: The interim GM of SCT Tamara inspects the backstage area for the upcoming show tonight when suddenly NiXON looks her up and starts explaining himself.

    NiXON: “Tamara, look, about my match last Friday against Ryan…”

    Tamarah interrupting him harsh and sarcastically

    Tamara: “Yeah…what about it? You lost clean! What could you possibly want from me? Let me guess – Another Titelshot?”

    NiXON: “Well, ehm, actually that´s what I want?”

    Tamara: “And what makes you think I will give you another titleshot? Not to mention a titleshot at a PPV? Your tremendous victory last friday?

    NiXON: “Look…I was…”

    Tamara: “…beaten clean and counted out to 10 by the Ref!”

    NiXON: “Sure but…”

    Tamara: "NiXON! Listen, here is the thing! You´re going to tell me you were catched off guard and were not ready for the match that fast and so on and blah and don´t bug me out with this stuff!"

    NiXON: “But…”

    Tamara: “…I have a little problem! And that disappoints me. No one stepped up, no one proved himself. Seemingly you are still the only one worthy as opponent and No.1 Contender to Ryan…”

    NiXON smirks at Tamara

    Tamara: “…So I have to give you another titleshot wether I like it or not. Now get out of my sight and be lucky kid”

    As Tamara turns around on her heels and walks away NiXON is barely believing what he just heard.

    “Another titleshot – At a PPV – How do you like me now”

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    NiXON and Tamara  Empty Re: NiXON and Tamara

    Post  Wicker on Fri Mar 16, 2012 2:11 am


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