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    A rematch for NiXON


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    A rematch for NiXON Empty A rematch for NiXON

    Post  WildFire on Tue Jan 24, 2012 1:51 pm

    Legacy heads for the Illuminati Locker room in a huff.

    Zeus the Fighter chases after him.

    Zeus :"Hey , Hey Legacy , wait up !!"

    Legacy slows a little but keeps going.

    Zeus :"Hey , I said wait up!"

    Legacy keeps going.

    Zeus stops :"Hey you JERK, WHAT CRAWLED UP YOUR BUTT!!"

    Legacy stops :"Eh? What are you talking about?"

    Zeus :"You have been a jerk all season long, what with WildFire and Soho Sixx, and riding my butt ... " Zeus turns red "Uhh I didn't mean that ..."

    Legacy frowns turning towards Zeus anger reflected in his eyes.

    Zeus :"You have been an @$#^&#%& all season long, what's your problem?"

    Legacy frowns sullenly.

    Zeus :"Hey we are tag team partners you can tell me ..."

    Suddenly NiXON comes around the corner bumping into Legacy.


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