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    Post  Tabaluga on Thu Nov 10, 2011 9:38 pm

    Equilibriums "Der Sturm" is played as Tabaluga makes his way out to the Entrance Ramp. There he stands still for some seconds watching the arena and to the huge crowd. After that he starts walking out to the Ring. At the Ringside he slowly walks into the Ring after he took a microphone from the Staff-Members

    Tabaluga: Wow, amazong Moment here Ladies and Gentlemen. I have to enjoy this first feelings.

    Tabaluga is has a smirk smiling in his face

    Tabaluga: I'm out here tonight to introduce me to all of you by myself. My name is Tabaluga.

    The crowd cheers and it seems that many of his old fans are in the Arena too

    Tabaluga: I'm from Germany and as some of you know I were a big part of New German Wrestling before I come to Squared Circle Terror. I thought that it was time to make a big chance in my life. I was a several time Champion in NGW like European Champion and World Heawyweight Champion. And all of this I have earned by myself in the past. Out here nobody knows me so I have to earn my respect and my titles from the begining. But this will be happen sooner or later. I will never back off from a fight. To be honest, I love fighting in every single part of my heart. And I am not in talkings. So I think You all know who I am. And for the guys who still don't know me

    Tabaluga looks down to the ground for some seconds before he looks up again and continues his speech.

    Tabaluga: You will know me after our fight!

    He drops down the microphone and leaves the Ring as the crowd starts cheering again for Tabaluga.

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    Post  Wicker on Fri Nov 11, 2011 6:44 am

    ADDED ... I will write down something more to schedule your first match

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