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    Post  Wicker on Fri Jun 15, 2012 6:36 am

    SCT President Benjamin Breeg and his asstistant Janice Stevens are in their office.

    Benjamin Breeg: "Ms. Stevens, Olympus and Nixon are next, right?"

    Janice Stevens: "Exactly, Mr. Breeg."

    Benjamin Breeg: "I hope they are prepared for something!!"

    Suddenly there is knock on the door.

    Benjamin Breeg: "Come in!!"

    The door is opened and Olympus enters the room.

    Benjamin Breeg: "That blue face is ridiculous!! Anyway ... sit down!!"

    Olympus: "That is my style, Mr. President."

    Benjamin Breeg: "Style? You call a style? I call that ..."

    There is another knock on the door.

    Benjamin Breeg: "COME IN!!"

    The door is opened and Nixon enters the room.

    Benjamin Breeg: "Sit down!!"

    Nixon sits down on the second chair.

    Benjamin Breeg anrily looks at both men.

    Benjamin Breeg: "HOW DARE YOU?!?!?!?"

    Olympus: "Exucse me??"

    Benjamin Breeg: "How dare you negotiating stipulations for you matches? Last week you two punks negotiated that it will be the last match between you two. Who is the president of this fed and who schedules the matches including all stipulations?"

    Olympous and Nixon just look at Benjamin Breeg.

    Benjamin Breeg slams his hand on the desk.

    Benjamin Breeg: "I ASKED YOU A QUESTION!!!"

    Nixon: "It is you."

    Benjamin Breeg (sarcastic): "Is that true?"

    Benjamin Breeg: "Let me tell you something, I am the only who decides when you will have your last match! IS THAT CLEAR???"

    Both Olymous and Nixon nod.

    Benjamin Breeg: "Furthermore I am sick and tired about these draws in your matches."

    Benjamin Breeg: "Ms. Stevens, please call one of the referess ... I want to see one of them right here right now!!"

    Janice Stevens takes her cell phone and calls both referees.

    Janice Stevens: "Done, Mr. Breeg!!"

    Benjamin Breeg: "Thank you!!"

    About 1 minute later referee O'loreson enters the room.

    O'Loreson: "Mr. President, I'm here."

    Benjamin Breeg: "Yeah ... thank you. Listen, these two guys will have match tonight for the NEW BLOOD CHAMPIONSHIP. I don't want to see a draw again. There must be a winner. Do you understand?"

    O'Loreson: "Sure, Mr. President ... no problem."

    Benjamin Breeg: "OK ... the meeting is over. Leave me alone!!"

    O'Loreson, Olympus and Nixon leave the room.

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