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    The War Rages On


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    The War Rages On Empty The War Rages On

    Post  shadowinger on Tue Jun 12, 2012 3:40 am

    Shadowinger is walking Backstage after his victory against Superfamous still knowing that at the PPV everything is at stake. As Shadowinger walks towards the Locker Room area a voice can be heard shouting from the SCT corridor. Shadowinger turns around to Superfamous flanked by two SCT Security rushing towards him.

    Superfamous: Shadowinger you think one victory means anything, you were lucky this time but like I said to you before these matches before the PPV are just battles. At the PPV you better pray you can defeat me. Or wave goodbye to Vanessa.

    Shadowinger: Don't you think I know what is at stake. You bet that at the PPV I will defeat you and put a stop to the crazy notion of the new Gm. Your just a pawn in his deluded game.

    Superfamous: Keep dreaming "Living Shadow". I'm no one's pawn. I'm my own person and great wrestler don't you forget that Shadowinger. I'm a different league to you but your the guy in denial.

    Shadowinger: Let's just say my dreaming will become your nightmare. When we face each other in the ring I will make you suffer for being part of the Gm's masterplan. You talk a good talk but let's just see how good you are in this series of matches and how long you can last when I continue to pummel you, fool!!!!

    Superfamous: I ought to slap that mask of your face "Living Shadow". But that would to easy. I told you before that I will torment you. I will break you down so when it comes to the PPV match you won't have the strength to put up a fight for your beloved Vanessa.

    Shadowinger: That's where your so wrong Superfamous. I've got all the incentive I need to take you down. I will never give up especially when Vanessa is involved, trust me. You will learn that crossing paths with me and making things personal will be your downfall!!!! Now go get ready for our next match because your going to need the rest. (Shadowinger turns his back on Superfamous and continues to walk towards the Locker Rooms).

    Superfamous: Fighting words I see Shadowinger they will mean nothing when we get in the ring. See you soon chump.(Superfamous then walks off down another SCT corridor with the SCT Security).

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