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    60 minutes with a monster II

    dark horse
    dark horse

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    60 minutes with a monster II  Empty 60 minutes with a monster II

    Post  dark horse on Sun Jun 10, 2012 9:03 am

    Benjamin Breeg is sitting at his desk. His phone rings and he picks it up but before he can say anything he hears a voice on the other end.

    Breeg: Check My email? What for? (he listens) From you huh?

    He slams the phone down and opens his email. He clicks a few times and waits.

    Breeg: This better be good.

    He is staring into the screen when the file finally opens. His eyes pop wide open. He sees, Janice Stevens walking into Dark Horse and Nilda's locker room. They head to the rooms in the back. The cameraman goes to the side of the screen so the audience can't see what's happening.

    Breeg: Hmmm. WOW!

    His eyebrow pops up and he opens his mouth wide when he sees what happens next. He starts pouting almost in tears.

    Breeg: But, that was supposed to be me. Woa, there's no way: you can do that? (He keeps watching). You have got to be kidding me, there's no way he could pull that off; WOW! You are alright.

    He watches with like a giddy child in a candy store. His hands start slipping under the desk when, Janice walks in with a satisfied grin. He stands up looking at her sternly.

    Janice: Look, I'm really really tired right now, I've been all over the place, trying to um, get something done (She clears her throat). So whatever you need please let it be something I can do from my desk.

    She says laughing. He glares at her.

    Breeg: All over the place huh?

    He turns the monitor around so she could see; at first she's shocked and a little embarrassed. She gulps down and then smiles at him. She collects herself knowing she has too much dirt on him to be fired.

    Janice: Can I get a copy of that? Those two got talent. Matter of fact, I'll forward it to myself so I can have it on those lonely nights.

    She goes and plops in her chair with Breeg looking on angrily. He sits down, pushes a button and yells to have the tron come on. When it does the fans get quiet. Janice Stevens is seen fixing her hair and then stops what she's doing and pretends she's working.

    Janet Harper: He does not look happy! I wonder what's happening?

    The other commentator starts to say something but gets cut off abruptly by Benjamin Breeg.

    Breeg: The following match between Dark Horse, and Ramok has been changed effective immediately. It will now be sixty grueling minutes of an Ironman match. Now Dark, I know this is unfair seeing as you have had a very eventful night so far, but this is what the fans want. Hope you're rested by now, Ramok, you can thank me later.

    The tron fades leaving excited fans screaming.

    Bill Manson: WOW! Ironman set to start about now!

    Janet Harper: Why am I not surprised about, Dark Horse being involved. Let's go to commercial, don't touch that dial. Ramok, Dark Horse 3, Ironman, set to start right after these messages. (To Bill) I wonder what he did?

    Bill Manson: Search me, but I will do some digging.

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    60 minutes with a monster II  Empty Re: 60 minutes with a monster II

    Post  Wicker on Mon Jun 11, 2012 6:17 am


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