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    60 minutes with a monster I

    dark horse
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    60 minutes with a monster I Empty 60 minutes with a monster I

    Post  dark horse on Sun Jun 10, 2012 8:25 am

    (RP best if used as opening RP)
    Shouting comes from the president's office. There is a heated conversation, some swearing, and a lot of anger pouring out. The Camera comes on inside and we see that it is Nilda, is sitting across the desk from Benjamin Breeg arguing with him.

    Nilda: Do you really think I'm gonna BEEEP you just because you send that, that, monster against Dark Horse?

    Breeg: Well, yes quite frankly. I am hoping, and like I said, I will not even touch I just want to watch. I give you my...

    Nilda: BEEEP you, you BEEEEEP. If you didn't BEEEEEEEEP see it, Dark Horse kicked his BEEEEP last week.

    Breeg: Now we're talking.

    Janice Stevens walks into the room and surveys the situation. She sighs, walks into the room muttering to herself, and sits down at her desk watching the two of them. She taps on the table a few times.

    Stevens: Don't let me stop you. But you know Nilda, I find it easier to just do what he wants and get on with my life; he gets bored right after and curls up like a baby. Just BEEEP him and be done with it, won't take long, trust me. In fact, I'll help, I love a team effort. She winks at her.

    Breeg: Hey!

    Nilda: The BEEEP you say to me?

    Nilda gets up angry and starts toward Ms Stevens, who gets up from her desk backing away. Breeg sits watching excitedly as the confrontation heats up. Nilda corners Ms Stevens glaring at her. Janice Stevens seems as if she wants to go through the wall. Nilda makes to punch her and when she flinches she stops. She grins at the woman and looks back at, Benjamin Breeg who is salivating at the sight. She turns to Ms Stevens and smiles at her.

    Nilda: Team effort huh?

    Shocked, Janice Stevens looks at her, Benjamin Breeg seems intrigued by the change in attitude. Nilda giggles and pulls back from Janice, just as Dark Horse comes barging in. He looks around and sees Nilda and Ms Stevens in the corner defensively and loses it. He goes for Benjamin Breeg, but Nilda runs over stopping him. Benjamin has fallen out of his chair onto the ground.

    Nilda: Wait, wait, wait! I have something to tell you, you will like this.

    Dark Horse: The BEEEP I will; move woman!

    He pushes her aside, but she latches onto him and whispers something in his ear quickly. He stops grinning and looks at Janice with an eyebrow raised.

    Dark Horse: Um... You sure about this?

    Nidla: Yep!

    She grins at him and he smiles back. Janice unpastes herself from the wall and relaxes a little with Dark Horse, and Nilda grinning at her. Benjamin Breeg looks on excited when Nilda walks up to Janice and whispers something to her. Janice's eyes pop open wide and she struggles for words, looking around the office.

    Nilda: It's either that or I let my man do what he do.

    Janice smiles at her nervously and looks at, Dark Horse. Benjamin Breeg raises an eyebrow when he smells something fishy. He gets up from the floor and comes around to the women.

    Breeg: What's going on here?

    Nilda tucks his shirt in, exciting him. She licks her lips seductively and pats him on the butt. Then she walks over to Dark Horse, turns to them, and then looks Dark Horse up and down grinning.

    Nilda: Let's go bae. Don't be too long.

    They leave Janice Stevens and Benjamin Breeg alone. They have a short conversation in which she dodges all his questions.

    Breeg: So you're not going tell me what she agreed to? Fine, fine, just tell me where she wants me to meet her or is she planning on calling me with the details?

    Janice looks at him thoughtful. She goes to say something and then holds back. she looks him over again and then looks like she's made up her mind about something.

    Janice: You know what, I will be back in about an hour or so. I have to go take care of something.

    Breeg: Oh sure, leave me in suspense.

    She walks out the door and heads down the hall.

    (Continued in part II)

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    60 minutes with a monster I Empty Re: 60 minutes with a monster I

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