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    The Danger of being in the Dark

    dark horse
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    The Danger of being in the Dark Empty The Danger of being in the Dark

    Post  dark horse on Thu Jan 12, 2012 8:38 am

    Dark Horse is walking in the back with two masked men following him. He walks into the SCT protectors Locker room and sees Welsey Brown sitting and reading over something. Wesley Immediately looks up from his paper work and looks confused at the masked men who take up positions on either side of him. Wesley gets nervous and stands looking at Dark Horse who comes in front of him.

    Wesley: Uhhh Dark, I'm not paying their salaries I hope you know that.

    Dark Horse: K

    Wesley: So uh... What's, um, what's going on? Anything I should know about?

    Wesley clears his throat waiting for an answer that doesn't come. He just gets a smile from Dark Horse. Nilda walks in behind them and just keeps walking into an adjoining room. Wesley looks back at Dark Horse after she's gone.

    Wesley: Well. Who are these big guys?

    Dark Horse: Answers.

    He starts walking away but Wesley stops him with another question.

    Wesley: Answers to what exactly?

    Dark Horse: A lot of things.

    Wesley thinks about asking more questions but Dark Horse walks through the door to the room Nilda is in.

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