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    A dark meeting


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    A dark meeting Empty A dark meeting

    Post  Valerio on Wed Mar 07, 2012 1:46 pm

    A parking lot, removed by several streets from the arena. A meeting is taking place, between two individuals. A woman, with blond hair and wearing sunglasses is speaking to someone. Her lips colored red, she hisses her words.

    Valerio: “What made you think I want to speak to you?”

    Man in the shadows: “You are here, aren’t you?”

    Valerio: “You want something from me. And you think I am prepared to give it?”

    The man steps forward, and the shadows fade from his face.

    Man: “I don't know. You want to become a champ?”

    With her fingers at his chest she pushes him back in the shadows again, looking around if anyone has seen them. It’s obvious she doesn’t want to be seen together

    Valerio: “I can become that myself. I have powers carrying me you can’t fathom”

    The man starts to grin

    Man: “You are spirited…I like that in a woman…”

    Valerio starts to laugh

    Valerio: “And you're presumptuous. I have no need for so called helpers. I already have that covered, I can handle my own business”

    The man smiles

    Man: “You don't know me very well, do you?”

    He looks into her eyes.

    Man: “If you did, you'd realize that at my core, it would become all violent for you”

    She smiles superior and asks

    Valerio: “Is that so? Then tell me, what can you do for me?”

    The man, dressed in a long, black trench coat, brings a pack of cigarettes out of his inner pocket and lights one.

    Man: “I can bring you glory, and success”

    Valerio laughs again

    Valerio: “You think that's what I strive for? You think that's what makes a girl like me eager and greedy?”

    The man inhales his smoke, and answers her villainous.

    The man: “Of course it is. That's why you're in the wrestling business. Somewhere under all that audacious devilish shit is a person. A person who wants fortune and fame”

    There is a silence for a while

    Valerio: “I just want to win. To become the best”

    The man: “Don't we all. The question is, are you going to gain that the hard and only way? Or is it going to be a lot easier, with some help from me?”

    She studies him a few moments, as he looks off at a street light, awaiting a response. Then she looks at him. Thoughtful.

    Valerio: “Who says you won’t fail?”

    The man grins, and blows out a smoke ring before answering.

    The man: “Sweetheart…I NEVER fail”

    Valerio now looks at him with eyes of steel.

    Valerio: “Call me that again, and I'll rip out your entrails and jam them into your navel”

    The man smiles once more, as he smokes.

    The man: “See? We're getting to know each other”

    Valerio looks at him with no emotion on her face and turns around to walk to her car

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    A dark meeting Empty Re: A dark meeting

    Post  Wicker on Thu Mar 08, 2012 12:07 am


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