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    dark horse
    dark horse

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    Post  dark horse on Mon Jun 18, 2012 8:12 pm

    Dark Horse is in the ring with Nilda, standing and watching on. He gets listens to the fans cheering him on and shouting his name.

    Bill Manson: For those of you who have been under a rock, up next, Dark Horse will face off against the Wicker man in an Ironman Match.

    Janet Harper: And I am really looking forward to this. Listen to the capacity crowd.

    Dark Horse grabs the Mic to say something and is interrupted by the Wicker Man's music, the crowd erupts in cheers.. Wendy comes out with the Wicker Man walking behind her. He stands at the top of the ramp looking down at Dark Horse, Dark Horse stares up at him.

    Dark Horse: What are you doing in my spotlight?

    The Wicker Man: Your spotlight?

    Dark Horse: That's right, I have a mic in hand in the middle of the ring. I have the attention of the crowd and I am about to let them know what to expect tonight in our match. You can leave now, I have all that under wraps.

    The wicker Man stands looking at Dark Horse and then raises his mic to speak.

    Wicker: Sorry to tell you, we have new plans.

    Dark Horse turns around looking at him. Nilda and Wendy start clapping. Dark Horse looks around at the crowd and then at Nilda, and Wendy. He starts thinking.

    Dark Horse: What new plan?

    The Wicker Man: Well, tonight I figure we would switch... partners.

    The Wicker Man says laughing. Dark Horse looks at him with a raised brow.

    Dark Horse: Say again?

    The Wicker Man: After fighting Baron Bob, and you fighting Ramok, I came up with a genius idea. Tonight, you will face "Baron" Bob Brabenhurst in an Ironman match, and I will face, Ramok in an ironman match. Whoever gets the most falls is the victor in our little competition.

    Dark Horse looks shocked. He glares at the Wicker Man scratching his head.

    Dark Horse: You've been hounding me down for this match and now you just want to switch it up? What's up?

    The wicker Man (grinning): Trust me, you will like the payout on this one as much as I do. I...

    The Titan Tron comes on and Benjamin Breeg is sitting at his desk. He takes a deep breath and waves his hand, a referee runs out to the ring. He rolls his eyes and then smiles at, Dark Horse in the ring.

    Breeg: Normally I would not interfere in a match, especially one as good as what you're suggesting; by the way congratulations to the two of you on winning your matches last week. Now, I could force you two to fight, but something tells me you would just fake it and make MY fans unhappy. So I came up with another solution, one you will both like, Nilda, Wendy I think you will both like this too.

    Dark Horse looks angry, so does the Wicker Man. Benjamin Breeg snaps his fingers and another man runs down the Isle and into the ring with a suitcase. He stands a few feet from Dark Horse smiling.

    Breeg: Calm down, calm down. I just want to make everybody happy tonight; these fans have been hearing about a Wicker Man / Dark Horse fight since the end of last season and it has gotten a lot of attention. So I spoke to the board just to make sure nothing, and I mean NOTHING interrupted your fight. I took out an insurance policy - against those two sidekicks of yours just in case. What kind of insurance you wonder?

    Benjamin Breeg snaps his fingers and the man opens the suitcase and shows Dark Horse what's inside before snapping it shut, Nilda starts pleading with Dark Horse about something. Dark Horse looks around at the Wicker Man, Wicker Makes his way down to the ring with Wendy. The man opens the Suitcase again, this time to the other side. The wicker man opens his eyes wide, Wendy starts pleading with him. The Wicker Man looks at Dark Horse.

    Breeg: Gentlemen, that's been added to your bonuses for having this match, five hundred thousand dollars each.

    Janet Harper: WOW!

    Bill Manson: The board prepared for everything.

    Breeg: I never doubt the power of women to interrupt thing, especially when they're sisters. You fight, you get that bonus, if you don't fight you lose your cut of the purse tonight. Clock's ticking gentlemen. Referee, ring the bell.

    Nilda and Wendy argue with them but the escort the pouting women from the ring and get in ready to fight.

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