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    Balance vs Chaos


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    Balance vs Chaos Empty Balance vs Chaos

    Post  WildFire on Wed Jan 18, 2012 10:26 am

    WildFire is sitting at his desk going over some paperwork.

    WildFire quickly reads one piece and puts it into a stack on his right frowning.

    He pauses for a moment contenplative and flicks his fingers dismissively and the stack appears on Tamaras desk.

    He continues as Tamara walks in.

    Tamara is in a very foul mood.

    Tamara :"Did you hear the latest about Wesley Brown and Dark Horse? Hmm of course you did... those .. those .."
    She sputters with rage.

    WildFire :"Dark Horse is a big boy he can handle himself ...mostly. And as for Wesley ..."

    Tamara :"IDIOT !!! MORON !!! BUFFOON!!"

    WildFire laughs.

    Tamara turns red with embarassment :"Oh I meant ..."

    WildFire shrugs :"I know you meant Wesley Brown .."

    Tamara :"Hmmphh. his newest scheme .. it is ..."

    WildFire :"Nothing compared to what Dark Horses for him and his." WildFire shakes his head in exasperation. "Backstabbers, liars and cheats every one of them. Setting into motion plans to destroy eachother and perhaps half the fed with them."

    Tamara :"We can't have that."

    WildFire :"What destroy either of them or half the fed?"

    Tamara :"Half the fed, neither Wesley or Dark Horse are really worth much."

    WildFire :"It is already taken care of , as for Dark Horse he is one of our own and always will be. He serves his purpose and always has."

    Tamara :"Which is?"

    WildFire :"To create a little CHAOS and ANARCHY, to make the wheels move a little."

    Tamara shakes her head.

    WildFire :"In order to be strong you must be weak, in order to be smart you must be stupid, in order to have order you must have chaos. It's the basic principle of balance and counter balance. And we all know Dark Horse is wired for CHAOS, he will always do what he think is most fun and what creates the most chaos, it's genetically programmed into him."

    Tamara :"And you are about Order?"

    WildFire :"No Balance with family and order thrown in. But in order for the fed to run properly there must be Balance. Dark Horse serves the balance by doing what he does because you must have chaos to run with the order of things."

    Tamara :"And Wesley Brown ?"

    WildFire :"He is insignificant and worthless he exists merely as a minor distraction. He is weak, stupid and pathetic, but someone upstairs likes him." WildFire shrugs "I don't think Dark Horse will much longer though ..." He laughs.

    WildFire :"Chaos consumes chaos , without order ... Wesley has already betrayed Dark Horse and will continue to do so. but lets sit back and enjoy the show shall we?"

    Tamara :"We need a plan."

    WildFire :"It's already on your desk. all of it, all their deals and such .. we will discuss it further after you have read it over."

    Tamara walks over to her desk and quickly peruses the stack of papers that WildFire put there as the camera fades to black.

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    Balance vs Chaos Empty Re: Balance vs Chaos

    Post  Wicker on Thu Jan 19, 2012 1:32 am


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