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    Post  WildFire on Sun Jan 08, 2012 10:48 am

    WildFire and his fellow Illuminati are in their locker room as they prepare for upcoming matches.

    WildFire turns to Soho Sixx.

    WildFire :"So how would you feel about a best 2 of 3 matches for the New Blood title?"

    Soho Sixx nods.

    WildFire :"Fine then it's settled." WildFire pulls a carefully maintained contract out of a duffle bag he has nearby. "

    He hands a pen to Soho Sixx who simply signs the contract. WildFire signs and then folds it carefully.

    WildFire :"Ok now we just need a few more signatures which we will have in about 10 minutes ..."

    Legacy looks over agast :" What the Hell? It's that easy? I know you are New Blood Champion and all but isn't that like hokey? Maybe an abuse of power? You maybe CEM but ...com'on!"

    WildFire frowns :"Hmm how so, I have the power to make whatever match,whenever I feel like it."

    Legacy :"But Soho, isn't that a conflict of interest?"

    WildFire :'How so, we are very evenly matched it will be a close match which is exciting to watch."

    Legacy :"Won't people thing that he only got it because he is a member of the Illuminati?"

    WildFire :"And if they do? Soho and I are very, very evenly matched. The fact that we have known eachother a very very long time makes us more so in some ways. It makes for a good match, that's all."

    Legacy :"And the fact that the New Blood is one of only two title Soho Sixx hasn't won in the SCT? Maybe people might think you are setting him up to win it? If you lose people will say you jobbed to him and if you win they'll say you cherry picked you rown opponent."

    WildFire :"Winning or lose in this game is largely irrelevant, it has been and always will be, my intentions to always have the best and most interesting matches I can make. As for cherry picking my matches" WildFire shrugs.

    WildFire :"I can make any match I want anytime I want, if I want to face FRANK JAEGAR in a Master of Terror championship match at the PPV, which I don't, I can. I can have any belt, and any match I want. But it is about making the best matches I can, the kind of matches I want to watch and be a apart of ."

    Legacy :"But you have jobbed before, like to Experta. I mean going up against a stronger opponent that you knew you couldn't beat so they could get a little push, a little extar Heat, some extra juice for their storylines and matches, why wouldn't you do it here?"

    WildFire :"Hmm, that's part of the business, sometimes the vets have to sacrifice to the up and commers and such, give a little back to the business it's called. This is .. well this is different. "

    Legacy :"How so?"

    WildFire :"This is ...hmm .. well this is a ..guy thing. " He shrugs "Good friends, GUY FRIENDS, like Soho Sixx and I don't hold nothing back when we fight eachother, it's part of the code. We put it all out there every match and when we face eachother we do everything in our power to win at all cost, because if we don't, it's like all those years of friendship and stuff didn't matter and were all crap. We know eachother inside and out and we will push eachother to do our absolute best in this match."

    Legacy (sigh) :"Ahhh whatever." He shakes his head and walks away leaving the locker room.

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    Post  Wicker on Mon Jan 09, 2012 5:22 am


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