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    What a Mess !!!


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    What a Mess !!! Empty What a Mess !!!

    Post  WildFire on Sun Jan 08, 2012 10:17 am

    Continued from Last Season

    AVA's connection to WildFire has finally been revealed and as a result she has been ordered to cease any and all contact with Dark Horse. She has been put in the joint care of WildFire, Soho Sixx and Tamara. In a further turn of events after AVA left it has been revealed that Tamara is pregnant with Dark Horse's son.

    WildFire : "What were you thinking?? Dark Horse? That was stupid and irresponsible."

    Tamara :"And? What do I care. He was just another one night stand. He is in an open relationship. "

    WildFire :"Where both parties are very, very jealous and possessive."

    Tamara :"People that jealous and possesive don't really know what an open relationship is. We were adults, we did adult things and now it's done."

    WildFire :"And if he choses to press a paternal suit against you."

    Tamara :"Hmm as far as I am concerned he is only the DNA DONOR, nothing more. If he wants to be the Father let him prove it, he has no say whatsoever in the life and wellbeing of MY CHILD."

    WildFire :"He might not see it that way."

    Tamara (shrugs) :"What he thinks is irrelevant , he will have nothing to do with my son!"

    WildFire :"And if he tries?"

    Tamara :"He will have to take DNA test and that will have to wait for the baby to be born, and even then ... I have money and DNA can be switched to show it's not his, especially after I put another man's name on the birth certificate.."

    WildFire :"That's cold."

    Tamara :"That's life, we had a good time, it's done, we move on."

    WildFire :"Use them and lose them?"

    Tamara smiles :"Exactly."

    WildFire sniffs the air for a second :"Hmm 5....4...3..."

    Tamara :"Why are you..."

    Suddenly AVA leaps from the shadows attacking Tamara.

    Her face purple with rage she screams at Tamara :"You, YOU WHORE!! HOW DARE YOU !!"

    Tamara deftly roles out of the way and quickly flips over a nearby table.

    AVA charges towards her only to be met in the face by an aluminum baseball bat which Tamara pulled out from the underside of the table.

    AVA drops to her knees momentarily stunned shaking her head.

    WildFire winces in pain.

    AVA attempts to stand.

    Suddenly Soho Sixx appears out of the shadow grabbing AVA by the wrists and holding her secure.

    AVA spits and curses and tries to break free but Soho's grip on her wrists is like iron and inescapable. He lift her until her feet are off the ground and holds her suspended there.

    WildFire guesters and the Aluminum baseball bat turns red hot as she drop it with a loud gasp. He quickly puts himself between Tamara and AVA blocking there way between eachother.

    Tamara holds her blistered hands and quickly composes herself.

    Tamara :"What AVA, do you think you have any right to claim what more than half the Women of the SCT have already had? You think you have some moral highground because you LOVE him. Or at least think you do? He is nothing! A momentary diversion nothing more. I suppose he is pretty enough if you like that sort of thing... but he really isn't that good a diversion, if you know what I mean.... he is barely even adequate all thing considered.. not really worth getting worked up over."

    AVA :"You take that back!"

    Tamara :"Or what ? Silly girl you're the only brawling in our Office like a two bit thug. Perhaps you'd like to meet in the ring and settle our differences? Oh too bad, I'm pregnant and even if I wasn't I don't lower myself to the level of two bit trash like yourself. Why I should ..."

    WildFire :"Tamara that's enough!"

    Tamara :"But ...."

    WildFire :"I said ENOUGH!"

    Tamara frowns :"This isn't over ....."

    Tamara turns and leaves.

    WildFire turns to AVA and sternly says :"Stop right now and let it go, don't even think about it!"

    Soho Sixx lets AVA go and WildFire and AVA both shake their heads in pain as the CAMERA FADES TO BLACK.

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