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    Post  dark horse on Mon Nov 28, 2011 5:38 am

    Dark Horse is standing still as a statue while Wesley Brown screams at the top of his lungs in their locker room. Baron Bob is next to him while Gigantus is standing in a corner looking and shaking his head. Nilda peers out from an adjoining room and goes back in. Wesley gets in one last word and then looks at Bob shaking his head. Looks at Dark Horse shaking his head again.

    Dark Horse: I told you, I didn't like tag matches, but you made me go out there anyway. Now, I like 'em!

    Bob nods, Wesley gets upset and seems like he's about to say something again. Dark Horse stops him with a glare that would send chills over an iceberg. Wesley looks like he's about to meltdown.

    Dark Horse: Besides, it's Baron Bob, tagging with the GREAT ONE!

    Gigantus: Great one?

    Dark Horse: Shut up back there!

    There is some snickering from Gigantus, Dark Horse turns around and glares at him. Gigantus looks about and puts his hand over his mouth to stifle the laugh waving his hands afterwards. Baron Bob clears his throat to get theri attention. There's some more snickering from Gigantus. Dark Horse turns back and glares at him.

    Dark Horse: Forget you too!

    Gigantus busts out laughing so hard he has to hold himself up on the lockers.

    Wesley Brown: I am in control here, I am, not you, not him. I AM! Nobody accepts a match without me saying so, we need to fix this.

    Dark Horse: The only thing being fixed, is those two. We will walk out, and we will dominate, last week they hung in, this week, we make sure we clear the way for something else. But there's something I need to take care of.

    Dark Horse walsk away leaving Wesley Brown and the others looking on before Wesley can even protest. He slams the door behind him. The three men look at each other trying to figure out why Dark Horse is lkeft and what he is going to do.

    (Continued in Absolute Dark)

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