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    COP vs TDX


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    COP vs TDX Empty COP vs TDX

    Post  WildFire on Wed Nov 23, 2011 2:35 am

    AVA walks into the Illuminati Offices where WildFire and Soho Sixx are conferring.

    WildFire has his back to her talking to Soho Sixx.

    WildFire :"Ahh AVA, so good of you to finally show up."

    AVA : "I could've gotten here sooner but I was busy with other business."

    WildFire :"Yes, yes, if I wanted you here sooner you would be."

    AVA :"At least have the decency to turn around and face me when you talk to me."

    WildFire turns around. "Hmm is this better? I assume you have heard about the COP title match between Soho Sixx and TDX here tonight?"

    AVA :"Of course."

    WildFire :"And I assume that you also know about TDX's match history."

    AVA :"How so?"

    WildFire :"That 95% of both TDX's and Nathan Fisk's match involve outside interference and wins by "dubious" means."

    AVA :"And?"

    WildFire :"In this matter, you will knowing his history, stand in Soho's corner and make sure that such juvenille antics shall not happen."

    AVA :"By hook or crook?"

    WildFire :"Rather let the outcome be as it shall be, a loss or a win on the part of Soho Sixx shall be considered irrelevant as long as it is clean."

    AVA :"So if TDX tries any Shannanigans, then it is up to me to right it?"

    WildFire :"And allow the matchup to continue to it's normal conclusion untainted by any of TDX's or his ilk's machinations, by extreme measures if neccessary."

    AVA :"And Soho Sixx?"

    WildFire :"Shall win or lose by his own merit and efforts."

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