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    Costs and casualties Empty Costs and casualties

    Post  dark horse on Mon Nov 21, 2011 6:29 pm

    (End of Show RP for Friday)
    Dark and Ava are arguing over her bag. He pulls it from her and she pulls it back and hits him with it a few times. She starts walking again but he runs after her and grabs onto the bag holding it and her in place. She tries to pull it away and when she can't.

    Ava: Get off my bag!

    Dark Horse: No! What do you think you're doing Ava?

    Ava: I'm gonna go sell candy! What does it look like I'm doing dolt?

    She glares at him and tries to take the bag again but he doesn't let go. She goes face to face with him angrily confronting him.

    Ava: Let the BEEEP bag go before I hurt you.

    Dark Horse: Fat chance! You're gonna tell me what's going on and you're gonna...

    She slaps him hard enough for it to echo down the hall. He shakes his head and looks at her trying to figure out what she's up
    to. Then like a ton of bricks it hits him.

    Dark Horse: You agreed to that!

    Ava: You didn't have to like it so much! Now gimme my dam bag.

    She shoves him aside and tries to leave but he still has hold of the bag.

    Dark Horse: Ava, just say the word and she's gone. I didn't know ok.

    Ava: You didn't know? Are you crazy... Don't answer that! And no, you can keep your plaything. I got you where you need to be, with the winners, now you just have to play to win. Make sure you play hard.

    Dark Horse looks at her curiously. He walks around her slowly and she turns with him still both holding onto the bag. When he stops, she does too, then they continue to stare at each other. They start circling each other again and glaring at each other.

    Ava: You're not getting a thing, you should know better.

    Dark Horse: You can't leave me.

    Ava: Why the hell not! You left me... Twice!

    Dark Horse: This is supposed to be our victory, our little war. So how are you just gonna turn and walk away when things are going exactly as you helped him plan it? We are going to run wild in SCT.

    She looks at him disgusted and then hurt. He looks confused seeing the look on her face. Her hurt look turns to rage and she looks like she's about to explode. She punches him hard in the shoulder.

    Ava: When you're free you can do any dam thing you want. Anything!

    Dark Horse: Free? What's that supposed to mean?

    Catching what she just said, she lets go of the bag and covers her mouth, turns, and runs away crying. Dark Horse is standing there confused with the bag swinging in his hand. He drops the bag and runs after her calling out her name. She disappears around a corner and when he reaches it and turns the corner she's nowhere in sight. He calls out a few times but there's no answer.

    - End -

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