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    Even behind closed doors

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    Even behind closed doors Empty Even behind closed doors

    Post  dark horse on Sat Nov 19, 2011 9:33 pm

    After coming back from the ring, Dark Horse and "Baron" Bob Brabenhurst are in their locker room waiting on Wesley with, Nilda, hovering close by them. She passes Dark Horse and runs her hand across his chest as she does so. "Baron" Bob looks quickly at the door as she does that and looks back after she passes him and goes into the adjoining locker room. He and Dark Horse exchange glances as Wesley Brown walks in.

    Dark Horse: I'm not used to this tag stuff. Why didn't you let him tag with Gigantus?

    Wesley stops dead in his tracks as he's caught off guard by the two men waiting for him. He looks from one to the other thinking quickly, clasping his hands in front of him and then rubbing his chin.

    "Baron": A tag match Wesley? Come on! All you had to do was give me, The Wicker Man and let Dark Horse deal with Superfamous. I know Wicker, He knows Superfamous. That would have been a better plan, than...

    Wesley: Oh guys! Stop being big babies, you can have Superfamous if you want, and you, you can have the Wicker Man, but it will be in a tag match tonight. And you will win, won't you?

    Dark Horse and "Baron" throw up their hands in defeat and start walking away. Wesley Brown holds out his hands for them to stop and when they don't.

    Wesley: Hey, hey, hey... Wait just a second here. Protectors of terror, what does that mean to you?

    They both turn back to look at Wesley who is now standing there and looking at them. They look at each other and each shrug.

    Dark Horse: A name you made up - Dude, I would've gone for terror, maybe destroyers, anarchists...

    Baron: Destitute souls, Scalawags, Savages, Invaders...

    Dark Horse looks over at "Baron" scratching his head and raises his eyebrows in a question and interrupts him.

    Dark Horse: Destitute souls, Scalawags, Savages, Invaders? What is this, jolly ol' England fifteen hundred? Welcome to 2011. But, protectors of terror?

    "Baron": What's wrong with Scalawags?

    Dark Horse and Wesley both look at him and shake their heads and then go back to talking.

    Wesley: What's in a name? Fine fine fine, next time we can change the name to something else, something sinister, but right now we're Protectors of Terror. And you two have a tag match tonight. And you're gonna BEEEEEEP Win it by hook, or by crook.

    There's an awkward silence as the three men stand staring at each other, Wesley taps his feet impatiently waiting for an answer. He raises and eyebrow when neither man says anything and crosses his arms and stares angrily at the two others next to him. In turn they stare back at him and at each other.

    Dark Horse: Fine, but I don't have to like it.

    "Baron": Here here!

    Dark Horse walks in the direction, Nilda had gone earlier, "Baron" Bob walks in another direction and disappears through another doorway leaving a shocked Wesley Brown alone. He raises his hands in resolute defeat.

    Wesley: You'll win and like it! You'll... Oh forget it! BIG BABAIES!

    Wesley Brown goes through another door and slams it shut.

    - End -

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