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    Title dreams come true but with a twist


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    Title dreams come true but with a twist Empty Title dreams come true but with a twist

    Post  shadowinger on Mon Nov 14, 2011 6:32 am

    Shadowinger's music plays through the arena. The SCT fans sit up from their seats and start to cheer and chant Shadow Shadow Shadow. The arena lights go out then the SCT titantron comes alive with a burst of fireworks and flames. The arena lights slowly come back on. The crowd are cheering even louder now. Then Shadowinger appears at the top of the ramp with Vanessa Canes. Shadowinger has both the Master of Terror championship belt & Mondial championship belt over his shoulders. Both Shadowinger and Vanessa make their way to the ring. Where Shadowinger picks up a mic.

    Shadowinger: Well after a long long road in my career I've finally made it to the top. I thank you all the SCT fans for your support since arriving in SCT it's certainly been a rollercoaster ride. Last week's match at the PPV Terrorvision against Baron bob Brabenhurst in a Buried Alive match went to the wire. And for a moment there I thought that my title dreams would be crushed by Dark Horse, who by the way I hope we meet down the road as the 'Living Shadow' owes you some payback. I hope after the domination of Wesley's team that I've restored a bit of balance for the good guys.

    Now I want to stay at the top for as long as I can. I know that I've become a bigger target than ever to many in the SCT locker room now. Well I'll take on anyone as I never back down from a fight!! (SCT fans cheer)

    Then SCT's Tamara appears on stage.

    Tamara: Firstly Shadowinger I must congratulate you on winning and holding both titles. And well done Vanessa for not slapping Wesley for his comments last week. Back back to business. After great thought and pondering myself plus the SCT board have come to a decision that you must retire one of the belts. (Shadowinger steps back in the ring in surprise and the SCT fans looked even shocked at the annoucement).

    Shadowinger: That is a bold statement Tamara. How long do I have to make my decision. I've been a double champion a short while.

    Tamara: Shadowinger you must make your decision now or you will forfeit both titles.

    Vanessa Canes: Is this some kind of joke? I can't believe it.

    Tamara: This is as real as it gets Vanessa. Shadowinger you must make a decision. I need an answer.

    Shadowinger & Vanessa talk to one another in the ring off mic. The SCT fans start to chant for what belt they want to stay. The chants seem to favour the Master of Terror belt. But what will shadowinger choice.

    Tamara: Shadowinger I need an answer now. I'm losing patient.

    Shadowinger: Ok Ok. I will keep the Master of Terror title. (The SCT fans cheer at the news of the 'Living Shadow's ' decision) I hope that keeps the board happy.

    Tamara: Thank you Shadowinger. The Mondial title will be no more and retired. The Master of Terror title will be main title in SCT. I leave you now to continue your celebration.

    Just as Shadowinger returns to celebrate with the SCT fans a voice can be heard from the Upper stands in the Arena. Gigantus appears amongst the SCT fans.

    Gigantus: So you finally think you’ve reached the top of the mountain. Well I’m a here to bring you crashing down and back to reality. You may have beaten my friend Baron Bob Brabenhurst but did you really think that Wesley wouldn’t have a backup plan. And your looking at him right now. You say your not afraid to face anyone then let’s see if you can step up to the plate and face the Giant.

    Shadowinger: Hey Gigantus I’m use to uphill battles. Done it all my wrestling career. You and me have never seen eye to eye. I presuming you want to take a shot at the Master of Terror title. Bring your worse Gigantus because I going cut SCT’s Giant to size!!!

    Gigantus: (laughs a sadistic laugh) Well let’s see you try ‘Living Shadow’. I will crush you like a bug and take that pretty title from even before you’ve had a chance to soak up the glory.

    Shadowinger: Give your best shot Gigantus. I’m ready and waiting to show why I’m the champion. Plus the SCT fans would like to see me kick your butt. (The SCT fans cheer)

    Shadowinger raisies his arms up in the air then brings them down and the four ring posts burst with black flame. Shadowinger and Vanessa Canes walk back up the ramp. While Gigantus turns in disgust and walks out of the arena.

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