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    Ava is talking quietly on her phone outside. She is rubbing her temple with one hand while speaking quickly, evidently trying to defuse a situation. She gets a little angry and says something to the person on the other end of the phone.

    Ava: I said, everything is under control!


    Ava: Don't you play that game with me, I... Do you really want to test my patience?


    Ava: Gotta go, we'll talk about this later.

    She hangs up the phone and Dark Horse walks up, smiles, and then waits looking at her. His curious gaze makes her smile but he's wondering why and the silent question is very evident.

    Ava: What?

    Dark Horse: Contract pulled out of nowhere, phone calls outside the locker room... Are you and Wesley ummm...

    He let's it hang in the air and she gets a disgusted look on her face and slaps him so hard it echoes down the hallway. A few heads appear from locker rooms and peer out then vanish back into the locker rooms. Ava looks angry, Dark Horse looks confused.

    Ava: Are you out of your mind? All I'm doing is getting you to where you need to be, with the winners. That contract, I, I was just as shocked as you were. But you have to admit, this is way better than those stuffy Illuminati. Come on Dark, admit it.

    He smiles and says nothing, she smiles back and starts backing up as he starts advancing toward her. He walks and she backs up until she bumps into th wall behind her and he goes face to face with her placing his hands on both sides blocking any escape.

    Dark Horse: What was the phone call about Ava?

    Ava: Um... Dark, I'm your manager, I can handle the small stuff, that's why you brought me here remember.

    Dark Horse: Ava!

    Ava: You really don't trust me?

    Dark Horse slams his right fist into the wall next to her head, she winces, and then places his forehead on hers for effect. She gulps and smiles at him.

    Ava: Um... Wicker is heading to the ring right now. He's not been too happy about losing to you, we think he might want another shot. We're going to do everything we can to stop that from happening.

    Dark Horse: I'll go get dressed for the match.

    He starts to walk away but Ava grabs onto him and turns him around.

    Ava: Didn't you hear me? I said we're going to stop it.

    Dark Horse: Seriously Ava! Haven't you been paying attention? Wildfire will make sure it happens. If he doesn't then it will be Tamara, but the match will happen. Win or lose, this will be a match that I will fight tonight, nothing you or Wesley can do about that. So, let's get ready.

    Ava: Are you sure about that, we could... never mind.

    They head back to the locker room. She slows to send a text to an unlisted number it reads "Make sure you're ready when the time comes"

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