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    Post  shadowinger on Thu Nov 03, 2011 7:23 am

    Tamara appears on the stage and walks to the ring.

    Tamara: "Ladies And Gentlemen, I have an announcement to make. But first I want to call out ... Wesley Brown and Baron Bob Brabenhurst!!"

    Wesley Brown's trumpet fanfare is played. A few seconds later Wesley and Baron Bob Brabenhurst with the Mondial Belt on his shoulders appear on the stage.

    The Crowd: "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO........."

    Wesley and Baron Bob Brabenhurst walk to the ring.

    Wesley Brown: "YOU are calling ME out? YOU?!?!"

    Tamara: "Yes, I have to speak with you."

    Wesley Brown (sarcastic): "You have to speak with me. Isn't that nice. You want to apologize, right?"

    Tamara: "NO. Everybody knows that I don't like you. Anyway as a member of The Illuminati I am responsible that these nice fans and all the people around the world will get the best matches and entertainment."

    Wesley Brown: "And therefore you are calling me out?!?! I knew that you are incompetent."

    Tamara: "Would you please listen to me!!! I must admit that Baron Bob Brabenhurst is the reining Mondial Champion and I think that fans deserve a match for title tonight!!"

    Wesley Brown: "No way ... Bob will not defend his title tonight."

    Tamara: "I knew you would say that. But what if I give you a goodie?"

    Wesley Brown: "A goodie? Hmmm ... and what is that goodie??"

    Tamara: "THIS ..."

    Tamara points on the entrance ramp.

    Shadowinger's music is played. Shadowinger (with the Master of Terror Belt around his waist) appears on the stage along with Vanessa Canes. They walk to the ring

    Wesley Brown: "Where is the goodie? Ahhh ... I see ..."

    Wesley Brown: "HER .."

    Wesley Brown looks at Vanessa Canes.

    Wesley Brown: "Well Vanessa, I know girls which are uglier than you. You know where my locker room is .."

    Shadowinger: "I'm gonna..."

    Vanessa Canes: "Don’t worry babe I’ll wipe that smile off his face"

    Shadowinger wants to jump on Wesley Brown.

    Tamara: "SHADOWINGER!! STOP IT!!!!"

    Tamara: "Wesley, You are dirty old man. THIS is the goodie!!"

    Tamara points on the Mast Of Terror Belt.

    Wesley Brown: "You want to give Bob that belt as well? That is indeed a goodie. OK ... we take it."

    Tamara: "Bob of course has to earn it. Let's do a tite vs title match. The mondial Champion Baron Bob Brabenhurst vs the Master Of Terror Champion Shadowinger. The winner will get BOTH belts. Isn't that a goodie?"

    Wesley Brown: "Hmmmm ... let me think. Bob, What are you saying?"

    Baron Bob Brabenhurst: "The world is full of kings and queens .. who blind your eyes and steal your dreams."

    Wesley Brown: "Ehhhhhh ... yes ... "

    Wesley Brown: "We accept!!"

    Wesley Brown and Baron Bob Brabenhurst leave the ring and walk up the aisle.

    Tamara: "Wesley, one more thing. As I mentioned the winner of the match will hold BOTH belts, but next week at Friday Night Thrill he must lay down one of the titles."

    Wesley Brown: "No problem.

    Tamara: "And one more ... the match will be a Buried Alive Match!!"

    Wesley Brown: "Baron will win the match ... no doubt about it!!"

    Wesley Brown: "By the way ... Vanessa, my locker room is still the same!!"

    Shadowinger wants leave the ring to run towards Wesley, but Vanessa Canes can hold him back.

    Shadowinger: "Wesley you run now with your robot Baron. Buried Alive matches are just what the ‘Living Shadow’ enjoys!!! I can’t wait to bury your client Baron with tons of dirt and see the look on your face when I do it!!! (The SCT Fans Cheer)" O’ and I forgot when I’m finished with Baron. Vanessa will kindly kick your butt!!

    Shadowinger slams the mic onto the ring mat and raises his hands then down and all four ringposts burst with blue flame.

    Vanessa Canes can be seen laughing in the Ring at Wesley.

    Wesley Brown starts laughing sadistically and turns his back on Shadowinger & Vanessa Canes while he walks up the ramp.

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    Post  Wicker on Thu Nov 03, 2011 7:26 am


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