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    A Great robbery

    michael lowe
    michael lowe

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    A Great robbery  Empty A Great robbery

    Post  michael lowe on Mon Oct 03, 2011 1:36 pm

    Michael Lowe makes his way to the ring with a grim look on his face and mike in hand. The crowd ios yelling why.
    Michael pauses in the middle of the ramp as Cornelius Ruppert "MaSSacre" makes his way up on the ramp. The crowd erupts into a loud roar of boos.

    They finally make there way to the ring and roll in. Michael lowe grabs a mike and start speaking

    Michael Lowe: You ask me why you really ask me why. Last week was a great example of why i am fed up. Two weeks ago Superflamous grabs a partner and says he wants a title shot and two weeks in a row he get them. And you ask me why.

    The crowd starts booing louder.

    Michael Lowe: My friend and colleague for all the years get jumped left and right but hey it cool cause that's the way they do things.

    Sore loser is being chanted

    Michael Lowe: Shut your pie holes sore loser??? where you get that from i have held titles and defended them against behemoths like Ramok, Radanek, and Karhu just to name a few. I can dance with the best of them but the systems broke and with that being said I will make it work for me. My main man here Cornelius showed me the light and by golly I am going to walk in it. Tonight at the grandest of stages we will announce our Tag Team name to the world and i envoke our title rematch clause for tonight. A last man standing match so Superpuss clean and shine up our belts because tonight we will reclaim what is ours. The new law is in town and believe you me Life just got a whole lot complicated for you guys in the back.

    Michael Lowe drops the mike and rolls out of the ring with his hands raised to the crowd as they are boo on there way up the ramp.

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    A Great robbery  Empty Re: A Great robbery

    Post  Wicker on Mon Oct 03, 2011 3:21 pm


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    A Great robbery  Empty Re: A Great robbery

    Post  Superfamous on Mon Oct 03, 2011 6:01 pm

    can add this as they walk up the ramp.

    Off Camera: I knew you guys would be crying in your arms when I heard you two were going out there.

    The TitonTron suddenly comes on and we see the face of Superfamous and RVG. The camera pans back and they have the tag title belts around their waists.

    Superfamous: Boo hoo hoo.
    It's not fair.
    Superfamous kick our butts.
    RVG's too good for us.
    Boo hoo hoo.

    Hey, Lowe, I get a title match right away 'cus I am Superfamous!!
    I am the greatest thing going.
    What I want I get, no questions asked.

    I wanted the tag belts, so I get for me as a partner the guy who'll dominate when I retire...

    The fact we're still not up to a super smooth,
    super well oiled machine,
    yet still got these beauties around our waists shows how great we are.

    Now you want the rematch.
    Hey it's your right.
    No matter how much a waste of time it'll be for you guys since you're going to walk out as losers again.

    In fact, I think that should be the name of your team "The Losers."
    Since everyone is going to laugh at you and say "What a bunch of losers."

    So get ready to lose again... losers.
    At least the fans will get to see two real wrestlers tonight.

    The Titan Tron goes off

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    A Great robbery  Empty Re: A Great robbery

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