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    Make or break for Shadowinger


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    Make or break for Shadowinger Empty Make or break for Shadowinger

    Post  shadowinger on Wed Jun 20, 2012 4:40 am

    Shadowinger is walking Backstage knowing that Superfamous had gained an edge in their War and that He can't afford to lose at the PPV with his girlfriend/Manager in the balance. To make matters worse he can hear a familiar voice taunting him from the SCT corridor. Shadowinger turns around to see Superfamous flanked yet again by SCT Security.

    Superfamous: Hey Loser! Yeh Loser! See I told you "Living Shadow". You don't have what it takes to win this War against me. And no pressure with the PPV very near. You’re going to have to learn losing is what you do best and get use to losing Vanessa Canes as well to the new Gm.

    Shadowinger turns around and goes face to face with Superfamous. The SCT Security step closer as well.

    Shadowinger: Don't you dare think that you’re the better fighter because come the PPV you will be left a bloody mess in the ring once I've defeated you. Yes you may be winning the battles at the moment but I will win the War. I think you’re slightly getting ahead of yourself. And what's with the Security all the time. Can’t you be man enough to face me alone? You won’t be able to hide behind them when we meet at the PPV.

    Superfamous: Trust me Shadowinger. I don’t need these guys. Lets just say it’s a request from the Gm. Which you don’t need to worry about. I think you need to focus more on your match with me and precious Girlfriend Vanessa. I can’t wait to see your heart crushed when my hand is waved high in the air after getting the 1-2-3 count.

    Shadowinger: Well you just seem to be a pawn in the New Gm’s game Superfamous. My focus is totally kicking your butt at the PPV. And proving the Gm right that your not the worthy wrestler you think you are Superfamous. But let’s cut all the small talk and let our wrestling abilities do the talking. So I think it’s time for you to run off now back to your Boss!

    Superfamous takes offence to Shadowinger’s comments and tries to punch him but the SCT Security step in and block Superfamous.

    Superfamous: Mark my words come the PPV “Living Shadow” your world will end!

    Shadowinger: Your all talk Superfamous. Bring everything you’ve got!!

    Shadowinger turns his back on Superfamous and walks away. Superfamous is still be restrained by the SCT Secruity as Shadowinger walks away.

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