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    the run is over?


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    the run is over? Empty the run is over?

    Post  NiXON on Wed Jun 13, 2012 10:27 am

    NiXON stands in the middle of the Ring kidding around with the crowd. He smiles and enjoys his recently gained popularity.

    NiXON: alright, alright guys! let me tell you something. It took me a whole long time and hard work but finally i can say - I truly appreciate all of your respect and getting finally over with all of you!

    A decent pop goes through the crowd

    NiXON: I´ve had a hell of a run recently. Becoming better and better, tougher, prouder and lounder. Beating the crap out of some of the loudmouthes in the lockerroom. SCT gave me the chance to accomplish my goals and i think i´m doing pretty well fullfilling their expectations.

    The crowd responds with consecutive YES - YES - YES chants

    NiXON: But enough of the smarming right now!

    NiXON smiles and twinkels towards the camera before he gets really serious all of a sudden

    NiXON: As you all know last week i lost my New Blood Title to Olympus. For me that´s no problem - so far. I never expected to be the Champ as long as i was. I never expected to become a champion in SCT at all. So i´m glad i was and hope i will be again. But what i have a problem with - is the crap this twat thinks he can throw in my and all of your faces!

    a huge pop goes through the crowd

    NiXON: Whining about the given stipulations. Crying about he cant make someone submit - He´s an asskicker and wreckingmachine. Sure he knocked me out cold. that´s why he is the champion - for the moment. But as I see it - It is way harder to make someone actually submit - breaking his attitude - quit to his opponent - than just knocking him out with a stupid trashcan right to the temple.

    NiXON: If that is what it takes to become the champ around here - well, then lets have another 2 out of 3 submission match and i´ll make him not only tap - i´m gonna snap his damn ankle - taking him out. for. good.

    NiXON: But for sure that´s not gonna happen. That´s not enough. For all the crap he said for all the insults and his obtaining of the title by fraud - i want to hurt him. I want to proof once again that i am a new force in SCT. This time there will be no more whining and complaining about stipulations or timekeepers. No trashcans or kendo sticks. In the end only points will count.

    The crowd pops as they already know what´s about to come

    NiXON: I want it to be an Ironman Match

    NiXON turns towards the titantron and asks

    NiXON: What do you say Olympus? As you have no choice whatsoever for i´m having a rematchclause. Are we on? Once again...

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    the run is over? Empty Re: the run is over?

    Post  Olympus on Wed Jun 13, 2012 6:26 pm

    Olympus strolls out to the top of the ramp, mic in hand, and then stops. He opens his robe, revealing the New Blood Championship around his waist. The fans are booing him relentlessly as takes off his robe, taking time to fold it neatly and place it at his feet. He then unfastens the belt, and slowly raises it over his head. His eyes remain fixated on NiXON the entire time, a devilish grin on his face.

    Olympus: You know, this belt is a lot lighter than I thought it would be. I mean, I know it must've killed your shoulder but right now it's lighter than air!

    The crowd continues to boo Olympus as he slowly makes his way down the ramp, title still raised.

    Olympus: Now now, wasn't it Mick who once said those famous words, "you can't always get what you want"? You fans whine and screech and moan at the slightest sign of change. And what a change this is. A SCT belt held firmly by a more than deserving superstar. I've waited too long for this, and as much as my good ol' buddy here wants his toy back....

    Olympus holds out the belt at arm's reach, before yanking it back.

    Olympus:......I'm nowhere near done with it. As a matter of fact, I think I'll be hanging on to this belt for a good while. Here's an idea, though; why not ask Twilight Storm if she's accepting challengers? Good luck!

    NiXON nearly lunges at Olympus, seething. He paces back and forth with clenched fists, but decides against a full-on attack of his nemesis.

    Olympus: Aww, struck a nerve, did I? I could tell you were a bit off today when I heard you from backstage. I got a good laugh out of your little name for me. That's cute, do you kiss your mother with that mouth? You were right on a few points, though. I kick a lot of ass, and yes I am a wrecking machine. You found that out the hard way.

    Olympus pats his belt slowly, to drive the point home. NiXON only glares.

    Olympus: I am definitely both of those things. How long were you knocked unconscious, by the way? My record for an opponent is three hours. Did I set a new personal best? I love setting new records. I must say, as well, that I commend your memorization skills. You remembered that I hate sub matches, as they aren't my forte. That's a good lad. You're learning! So you can go on and on about what tech moves you'd use on me, and you're more than welcome to in our next match. Just don't expect me to return the favour. I will continue to use the skills that work best for me, and that is using every ounce of strength in me to beat you into the ground.

    Olympus: You say you want an Ironman match, well I'm fine with that, but I actually had bigger plans for you when I walked out here. I don't know if you've ever done time like me, but one thing I know is that when that steel door slams shut, you enter a whole different mindset. Animalistic, almost. A lot of times it's survival of the fittest. I survived, and I think you know why. But, hey, if you ever wanted a demonstration of how cold, steel confinement can change a man, I challenge you to match. A Hell in a Cell match. I'll even put this here title on the line, give you the first crack at it.

    The crowd turns from boos to cheers at this new offer, thinking their hero might actually win back his belt.

    Olympus: On one condition. This is your last shot. If I win this match, you're done. No more title shots for the New Blood Championship. What do you say?

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    the run is over? Empty Re: the run is over?

    Post  NiXON on Thu Jun 14, 2012 5:17 am

    NiXON: Then this time we´re equal on weapons. The Cell. Only brute force and unforgiving steel. You are truly one kind of a fool if you think the only way i can beat you is by submission.

    NiXON going nearer face to face so their foreheads collide

    NiXON: Lets get this on!

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    the run is over? Empty Re: the run is over?

    Post  Wicker on Fri Jun 15, 2012 12:48 am


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    the run is over? Empty Re: the run is over?

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