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    Old times,old friends?


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    Old times,old friends? Empty Old times,old friends?

    Post  Sergiu*aka*Nightmare on Fri Jun 08, 2012 4:55 am

    somewhere in backstage the cameraman look after Sergiu and find him talking with a woman.

    Sergiu : "Yeah I know,is not incredible ?"

    The Woman : "I can't believe this,you."

    Sergiu : " Yeah and you.This is unreal"

    In the background appear a man who come to Sergiu.
    The unknown is Demo.
    Demo pass by Sergiu but Sergiu stop him.

    Sergiu : "Demo is that you?"

    Demo : "Yeah ... you are?"

    Sergiu : "You don't remember me?I'm Sergiu."

    Demo seems is don't remember anything.

    Sergiu : "I was with you in Ursu's fed,the kid who always talk about him."

    Demo : "Oh your the annoying kid,yeah I remember you now."

    Demo shack Sergiu's hand.

    Sergiu : " Damn how much time is from that,I was a big fan of you,watching at your matches your incredible and now your here,is like a dream for me."

    Demo : "Well I'm happy that is someone here who know me."

    Sergiu : "Are you kidding me?Who don't know you?Anyway is a pleasure to see you again and let me wish you good luck in tonight match."

    Demo : "Thanks man appreciate ,by the way great match you have tonight,continue like this and make us proud that we are from Romania."

    Sergiu : "Thanks and be sure I'll keep this title just for me."

    Sergiu and demo shack again their hands and demo continue in his way .

    Sergiu to Woman : "Can you believe that?"

    The woman : "What?"

    Sergiu : "Are you serious ?"

    The woman : " What are you talking about?"

    Sergiu : "Doesen't maetter."

    Sergiu leave the woman.

    The woman : "Hey where are you going ?Don't you want my phone number?It's seems not."

    The camera fades black.

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