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    If the beating doesn't work Bribe her

    dark horse
    dark horse

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    If the beating doesn't work Bribe her Empty If the beating doesn't work Bribe her

    Post  dark horse on Thu Jun 07, 2012 8:04 pm

    Benjamin Breeg is on the phone smiling.

    Breeg: "You can simply end his suffering by coming to see me. You know exactly what I want Ms Nilda. I don;t even have to touch you, I will just watch. You just get completely naked for me. I will even pay you for..."

    He listens wincing on the phone with each expletive. His secretary walks in and he pretends he's talking to someone about something important.

    "Breeg: "Yes, yes, I understand. Just make it soon. Bye now."

    He slams the phone down and looks at Ms Stevens. She looks at him and makes her way to her desk.

    Breeg: "New vending company wants to get their machines in our shows. I'm trying to get a proposal to see what we could get out of it."

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